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Motorola Droid X Sold Out: New Release Date on Verizon

We have some ‘unsurprising’ news to bring you now, as it has been confirmed that the Motorola Droid X is already sold out on Verizon Wireless only a day after launching. We have the new release date for orders to give you now.

As reported from BGR, Verizon has informed customers looking to pick one up, that you should now expect a shipping date of Friday July 23rd. This was confirmed on their website online, but we understand that retail stores are also running low on Droid X handsets after a hectic launch day yesterday.

Considering the hype about the Droid X in the build-up to launch, we can’t say that this is too much of a surprise. Although we did report that Verizon and Motorola were pretty confident on maintaining healthy stock levels for the handset prior to launch.

Did you manage to pick up a Droid X yesterday? Let us know your thoughts on this one.


  • Tammy

    I ordered min today and was told it would be shipped on 8/23. That sucks!!! I am impatient so I called customer assistance only to be told by one person "Oh it will be shipped tomorrow. I was so exscited that I just couldn't believe it. So yep, I called back a few minuites later and talked to someone else only to be told NO IT WILL BE SHIPPED ON THE 23RD.

  • Mel650

    The Verizon store near me never got them in and I was on there pre-order list. What gives on that????

  • Mickii

    i orderede the droid x as soon as it was posted on the 12:01 they changed the banner and around 1:38am the phone was up at 1:40 am I was ordering the phone.My droid x arrives today alittle before 3pm.

  • I believe, this would be even better than the EVO. Although, the question is can it do 4G as well? Motorola Droid X confirmed Updates

  • DDUB

    Went to four stores and they were all sold out…

  • chris

    I love mine!

  • Will

    Yesterday? Today was launch day and it's not over!


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