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Motorola Droid X: Anti-Hack and Brick Warnings for Users

We have some important information for those already with a Motorola Droid X handset and are planning to start modding it in any way. Reports are going around that Motorola has included an anti-hack tool within the handset which could lead to a bricked device if tampered with.

According to this report from Phandroid, it is thought that Motorola has locked the bootloader, which means that anyone trying to access it may come into trouble due to the inclusion of an eFuse chip within the TI OMAP processor on the Droid X.

Phandroid explains that if the chip and bootloader do not match up with each other, it could result in a bricked device in the worst case. Motorola are probably aware of all the unofficial ROMs currently in circulation for HTC devices, and obviously don’t want hackers playing with their new toy – it is not surprising is it?

Phandroid has since updated their article informing us that the Droid X may be safe after all – but who is willing to try it? I wouldn’t risk bricking a $570 device anyway.

Let us know your thoughts on this.



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