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iPhone iOS 4.0.1 Update: Do you have any Problems?

With just hours to go before Apple’s unexpected press conference tomorrow, the company has just rolled out iPhone iOS 4.0.1 as stated briefly in our previous article here. We want to know the problems you are experiencing after updating to the new software.

As detailed in the change log, Apple states that the update will primarily address the issue regarding signal reception and the ‘formula’ it uses to calculate how many bars should be displayed.

However, we’re hearing reports that the update has not fixed the problem for some users, and that they are still experiencing a drop of signal in places that they should be receiving full bars. On the other hand, we are also hearing a few reports that 4.0.1 has improved signal for you – so help us out here.

For those of you with an iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4 – let us know your status after updating iOS 4.0.1.




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