iPhone iOS 4.0.1 Update: Do you have any Problems?

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2010

With just hours to go before Apple’s unexpected press conference tomorrow, the company has just rolled out iPhone iOS 4.0.1 as stated briefly in our previous article here. We want to know the problems you are experiencing after updating to the new software.

As detailed in the change log, Apple states that the update will primarily address the issue regarding signal reception and the ‘formula’ it uses to calculate how many bars should be displayed.

However, we’re hearing reports that the update has not fixed the problem for some users, and that they are still experiencing a drop of signal in places that they should be receiving full bars. On the other hand, we are also hearing a few reports that 4.0.1 has improved signal for you – so help us out here.

For those of you with an iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4 – let us know your status after updating iOS 4.0.1.


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  • Dessas_lal@hotmail.com

    cihazım bırkac gun once yurt dısından geldı.sebeke cekıyordu.ancak su anda cekmıyor yardımcı olabılecek bırı varmı?

  • P in London

    I ran the 4.1 update and then discovered that it had removed some of the phone numbers from my contacts, the names are still there but no numbers! Its very frustrating as I dont realise I am missing the contact until i try to call them…very annoying!!

  • ace_02

    I tried to update my iphone 4 but got an error message and now the phone only shows the itunes icon with the USB plug how do i fix that so i can use the phone???

  • Mustafa

    Yes my 3GS slowly dead after 4.0.1 update – searching, no service, connect to itunes, restore and so many different error when connect to itunes. problem solved!! Went to apple store taled to the technician, being told my iphone 3GS is out of warranty as its been 18 months that i bought it (in UK) but he said he is gonna do something for me – dont worry – OH thanks new 3GS !!!! What was the problem dude? Aahhh dont worry i just replaced your phone – thats great see you then!!! WELL WELL WELL yes they screwed up when they tried to fix iphone 4 antenna issue with new updates but they messep up with antenna software in 3G and 3GS's and somehow they damaged the hardware in most of the iphones 3GS's. They know the issue but they never mentioned so they were really happy to swap my phone with the new iphone even its bought from uk and they changed in Australia! Good on you Apple!!!

  • PhuckAppleProducts

    WTF Apple? I just bought an iPhone4, never synced it to itunes period because I never needed to. Finally figured 2 months later i'd update it to the new os 4.0.1 and it is now stuck in recovery mode!!! Seriously, isn't an update supposed to fix issues, not create one? I went a whole weekend without a phone, now I've been sitting on hold with 1-800-myapple for 15 minutes with no hold music or operator messages. So please, could you please waste more time and money of mine?!?!?!?

  • Jay

    Tried to update to 4.0.1 and the update completes, then it says backing up iphone. The bars scroll through as if the backup is running for about 2 min then stops scrolling. My iphone still say sync in progress. The phone stays stuck on sync in progress and the screen still says backing up iphone. It seems like it's been hours and still no update. Please help!

  • Jared

    the screen does respond at all (home button, volume buttons are responsive) screen occasionally/rarely responds only after i connect it to the computer its not even jailbroken this is the 3rd yes 3rd iphone that has been returned for repairs, the apple staff said to keep it at 4.0 for the time being.
    The new update is complete shit and is fucked in the head

  • yul

    i had all my apps removed from iphone after updating the firmware… had to clear the phone and put them back on again…