iPhone 4: Worldwide Release Date – Full list of Countries

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2010

We have some great news for our readers outside of the US and UK who are looking forward to picking up an iPhone 4 handset, as Apple has just confirmed a solid release date for when launches will occur across the world.

When speaking at today’s press conference, Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone 4 will be shipping worldwide on 30th July, to a total of 17 countries, not including the US and UK of course.

These include countries such as Hong Kong, Spain, Ireland and Singapore – we have the full list below for you to read. Apple didn’t announce relevant prices for each country – that would take far too long, so you are best advised to check with your respective iPhone 4 carrier in your country and see what plans they are offering.

Are you happy with the release date? Not long to go at all! Read the full list of 17 countries below.

Hong Kong
New Zealand


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  • jaybee

    when is it coming to guatemala?

  • Hendri

    I hope Taiwan will release this years…

  • blah blah blah

    Where is the iPhone then I bet its another lie apple made saying its out this month just like the iPad when it was supposedly out last month for the listed countries

  • magicsebi

    I wish they would bring it to Romania in August, not later.

  • N from HK

    Hope everyone is so worried about the antenna issue that it frees up stock so I can get one easily.

  • cos

    i'am waiting for Turkey release.

  • nina

    im not happy with this release date. its too late.. im going on holidays a few days before the 30 and i wont be able to buy it! why does it take so long for the white one to come out?!! 🙁

  • Kim

    . im soo happy about the release date ive been waiting for. thank you