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iPhone 4 Recall: Easy Fix to Reception/Antenna Problems – Analyst

Following on from our earlier article which informed you about a new report on why the iPhone 4 recall won’t happen, we now have a video report for you to watch, which explains that the reception/antenna fix will be an ‘easy’ one.

The video report comes courtesy of WashingtonPost, who managed to acquire the thoughts of Shaw Wu, an analyst at Kaufman Bros.

He thinks that the fix won’t be a huge problem for Apple, although he didn’t give his thoughts on whether the problem was hardware or software related.

Contrary to our earlier report, Wu states that a recall is still a possibility for Apple as he mentions in the video: ”The good news, is that we think there’s a potential easy fix. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow” – referring to Apple’s planned media conference at 10am P.T.

There are more comments from Shaw Wu in the video report here. Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think there is an easy fix to the problems?



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