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iPhone 4 Recall: Apple won’t Recall – Reasons Why

Are you expecting Apple to recall the iPhone 4 after recent problems regarding the reception/antenna issue? We have a fresh report for you to read now, which explains why Apple has no plans to recall the device.

In a new report published by the NYTimes, a person wishing to remain anonymous has stated that Apple has no plans to recall the device, despite the company due to address the media in a special press conference later on today.

Apparently this person has direct knowledge of ‘Apple’s plans’, and also revealed that the reception/antenna problems were first discovered by a senior Apple engineer last year, and that he had already warned Steve Jobs and other Apple execs about the problems.

According to the NYTimes though, Steve Jobs did not know about the iPhone 4 antenna problems until after the handset was released in June – Do you think that is accurate or not?

It is certainly becoming an interesting debate. After the iPhone 4 prototype saga, another one has hit the headlines. Stay tuned for details from Apple’s press conference at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

Let us know your thoughts on the new report.



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