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iPhone 4 Recall: Apple Press Conference Start Times (US, UK)

Are you ready for the start of Apple’s unexpected press conference in the morning? It is looking certain that Apple has called this special event solely in relation to the problems regarding the iPhone 4 reception and antenna, so Apple will hopefully answer all of your questions in a few hours time.

We can confirm that the press conference will take place today at 10am P.T or 1pm E.T for everyone in the US. For those that are planning to tune into the event from the UK, you’ll be able to do so from 6pm onwards.

Engadget will be liveblogging the event here, and we’ll be keeping you updated with all the details from the event as it happens. Will they announce a recall or not? We earlier told you about two contrasting reports on the iPhone 4 recall debate. You can check them out here and here.

What are your expectations from the press conference?


  • RYAN

    I hope apple have the balls to recall and fix due to the enormous amount of money people have spent on there products this year its the least they could do. Im uk and do notice that when u hold it a certain wae the signal drops to nothing so there is no way this is software related SO APPLE GROW BALLS AND GET SORTED YOU MONEY GRABBING THEIFS.


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