iPhone 4 Drop Calls vs 3GS: Apple Press Conference

By Gary Johnson - Jul 16, 2010

As Steve Jobs delivers to the world Apple’s answer to all the reported issues surrounding the iPhone 4 antenna at today’s press conference, it seemed that all the controversy had got under his skin. This is not really in Apple’s and even AT&T’s makeup really.

Darren Murph over at Engadget.com is reporting in an article that Steve Jobs mentioned some information concerning dropped calls at the press conference earlier today. He said to the press “iPhone 4 drops less than one additional call per 100 than the 3GS.”

This actually means the new device is losing more calls than the model it replaced, the iPhone 3GS in the three weeks since it was launched. Steve jobs did talk up the fact it was only a tiny fraction of iPhone 4 owners who actually bothered to call AT&T to complain about dropped calls. It is nice though to finally get some hard facts on the issue.

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