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iPhone 4 Design Flaw: US Senator demands permanent fix

As you may know, Apple is holding its special iPhone 4 conference today, which you can read more about here. We know that it will be to do with the design of the fourth-generation iPhone, but we are shocked to learn that the design flaw has now got the attention of a U.S. Senator.

Charles Schumer, a New York Senator has now written to Steve Jobs, where he tells him that he has to explain the reason behind the antenna problem. He also demands that Apple needs to issue a permanent fix – we will see what they have to say in the conference.

Asher Moses from SMH reports that Schumer was not happy with Apple’s explanations going on about how their formula for working out how many bars of signal should be shown on the top left-hand corner of the iPhone 4.

It is not just the U.S. Senator getting in a taking a shot at Apple; Microsoft’s Kevin Turner stated that the iPhone 4 is Apple’s Window’s Vista. At least it is nice to see Microsoft admitting failure of a product – if only Steve Jobs could do the same.


  • JCDS

    Perhaps the Senator is also a human being and has a multi-faceted life to live – just like the rest of us. So, because he's a senator he can't take a few moments to contact Apple about a product he spent money on and is dissatisfied with? How about you focus on helping the poor and fixing a myriad of other problems we as rational citizens are facing instead of worrying about posting on the Internet? …It's always easier to point a finger, huh?

  • Rational Citizen

    Perhaps Mr. Schumer should focus on providing the general public with permanent fixes to the economy, crime, terrorism, etc. and not worry about a mobile phone.


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