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HTC Desire Telus: Price and August Release Date Update

We have some good news for those of you in Canada thinking of picking up the upcoming HTC Desire on Telus, as some new information has revealed possible pricing plans for the device ahead of it’s release soon.

According to this report from BGR, the Desire was introduced on Telus earlier this week, with the carrier giving us a lowdown of the Desire’s key features, but failed to give any details regarding a price and solid release date.

However, thanks to some detective work uncoverering some new info via source code, we can now tell you that the HTC Desire will be available on Telus for $499.95 on a one year agreement. There are also two other options available to you: $399.95 for a two year agreement, and $299.95 for a three year agreement with Telus.

Furthermore, BGR reports that the Telus should be available sometime in August, although a solid release date is still to be confirmed. What do you make of those prices? Will you be picking one up or not?


  • Tania

    if it's suspected to be @ 79.99 on a 3 yr. .what can we say on a 2yr. . ..telus had SCREWED me over!!! i hate them!

    i was w/ them for 8 YEARS (5 of it contract free—they were SOOO great back then!!). . i was up for a renewel. . .got NOTHING NEW as a 'loyalty bonus'. so i ask them if they would carry the desire the guy is like no—so i get the Hero. . and LITERALLY the night after i go to telus' page, n there staring me in the face, is thier STUPID add of the Desire 'coming soon'!!!

    so i call and see if i can just switch phones once the Desire comes in, since THAT's what i wanted in the first place?—NO. Can i return my phone and put my data plan on suspend till i get the desire? NO. Can i put my phone on vacation disconnect n use another phone as a LONER?. NO. oook, so since it's been 6 days since i bought the phone can i just return the Hero? Ok, but u can not do anything to the plan.—-ok so they took the phone back, i'm on a crappy old school phone. . .n here's the kicker. . .THEY WONT EVEN refund the $25 new phone access fee–OR credit my $10 crappy phone switch fee! i'm stuck w/ them for another 2 YEARS!!!

    • jmmm

      it's been known for many month that the HTC Desire will come to telus at late july or early august. I agree it's not cool for you but there was ways to find out.

      Once i went to a bell store to take a look at a super AMOLED screen and i asked the guy a simple question ("What is the difference between AMOLED and Super AMOLED") and he answered that the super AMOLED was more resistant. I tried to tell him about the brightness, the sun reflection and the battery consumption as politely as i could.
      But that proves that it's not because you are paid to sell a product that u know it.

      Also i want to a Telus store to ask question about the desire, and back then it was still supposed to come as the Triumph, and the guy knew about it and told be that he would not give me info because it would cause me to wait and not to buy anything

    • Peebs

      You should have asked to speak to a client care manager. They've always done good by me. When I was up for renewal last time, they gave me a great new plan, that had more stuff than i had previous, for abut 1/2 the cost.

    • Laura

      You have 14 days to return phones.
      I'm on a Talk Halifax Plan (unlimited local anytime minutes) + data that expires in Dec. As of June I was able to renew my contract with the same handset credit as a new contract. I bought the Touch Pro 2 on a 3yr contract but was unsatisfied with the phone. I was able to return the phone and have the renewal of the contract cancelled within the 14 days (pre-existing contract expires in Dec as it did originally).

      If you only renewed your contract to get the Hero and you had time remaining on your old contract you should be able to get the renewal cancelled with the return of the phone within 14 days and return to your original contract expiry date. Even if you can't you'll still be able to get the Desire with the 2yr credit.

      No they won't refund the new phone access fees nor the phone switch fee. You used a new phone for 6 days that they cannot resell. They lost more money than you did. Stop crying. Even with paying half a month for a contract you aren't using during that period Telus has the best voice and data rates of the big three in Canada so you'll still save money over the full term.

      Side note: A telus agent hinted it would be released August 4.

  • TJM

    Your prices are wrong….here are the real prices.

  • Brian

    The desire will be a telus exclusive. But if the phone is going to be under 500 dollars like I suspect then it would not be that big of a deal to buy it and get it unlocked.

  • Guest

    Common site admins! post my comments you have been lousy all day

  • Badboy

    If we buy it outright from Telus at $449 Should I be able to get an unlocked version which I can use on Rogers network ?

  • TELUS_Rep27

    Check this article released the same day on

    MUCH different price with a SKU screen shot…

  • Doug

    I rethought this overnight and with Brian's new info (see above) the 79.99 for a 3 year contract seems more in line with what BELL and Virgin are doing with the HTC Legend. TELUS could really do some damage to the iphone 4 with all its' problems that have been widely publicized. Every service provider in Canada carries the iphone4, but only TELUS will have the HTC Deire which has been rated the best phone in the world by tech radar:

    Dare I say that Telus could become the number 1 seller of smartphones in Canada? Not @ $299 with a 3 year contract so I suspect the $79 for 3 years is correct.

    • Guest

      Does anyone know if the phone bought outright from Telus will work on Rogers ?

      • Rebellion

        Yes it will. The HSPA frequencies of Bell, Telus and Rogers are the same. The only carrier that is different is WIND.

        FYI Bell and Telus only support HSPA+, you get 3G or nothing. Rogers supports HSPA+, HSPA, EDGE and GPRS.

  • Mike

    Other rumours have it at 79.99 for a three year contract. I suspect it will come in at 199.99 with a drop to 149.99 within a month after release

  • Doug

    looks like the iphone4 for me …

  • brian

    . this information is wrong. here, this Should be more acurate.

    I believe that the desire will be 449 no contract

  • morgan

    There is new info saying 79$ on a 3 year contract. Don't panic people!!

  • Pete

    The 3 year contract price has been set at $79.99; no contract at $449.99. Pretty good prices.

    …and just FYI, it was that broke the story on the prices in the code source. BGR just ran it without giving credit to Mobilesyrup as their source.

  • Sarah

    I have been waiting for this phone to come out for a long time now as well and I am pretty disappointed that the price is so high for such a long term contract. Maybe I will just have to go with the new iPhone because from what I hear it will be a fair bit cheaper.

  • Guest

    Those prices were just place holders in the source code. I'm sure there'll be a much more attractive 3-year contract price to come.

    • Wyatt

      ya i talked to the provider in hinton alberta canada and they can give it to me for 79.99 on a three year

  • Billy

    I know right? Flippin $299 on a 3-Year Contract, I would understand if it was $199, but that's just wayyyy to much to pay an extra $100. I'd rather get an iPhone 4 instead now…

  • Tony

    Are you kidding me?? $300 on a 3-year contract? I've been waiting for this phone to come out, but they've got to be kidding. No chance in hell I'd get hooked into a long-term contract AND an expensive phone purchase.


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