Free iPhone 4 Bumpers – Are you satisfied or not?

Well just as many of you had expected, Steve Job announced at the special Apple iPhone 4 press conference that everyone will be receiving free iphone 4 bumper cases, as a result of the recent reception/antenna issues that have affected the handset.

While new iPhone 4 owners will get free bumpers with a fresh purchase of an iPhone 4 handset, he also confirmed that users who have already purchased an iPhone 4 bumper will get a full refund – more details on that here.

As for the free bumper deal, it will be valid until 30th September 2010. Steve Jobs reminded us on the fact that not everyone experienced the signal drop problem at all.

But since Apple want to ‘make everyone happy’, the free bumper deal was an obvious gesture. What are your thoughts on the deal?

Are you satisified with the outcome or not? Let us know your reasons below.

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Source: Engadget



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