Ford SYNC Update: MyFord Touch 10,000 commands

The Ford SYNC system was not exactly reliable when it was first launched – then again most voice-controlled system have always been like that. I even get the same issue on my new iPhone 4, you ask for one thing and you get something totally different.

However, Ford has been working hard on its SYNC system and has launched a new update with a number of new features. One of those features is MyFord Touch, and with it comes more than 10,000 different voice commands. This is a huge step as the previous amount was just 100 – showing that the Detroit automaker is committed to SYNC.

Darren Murph from Autoblog points out that BMW has been using a voice control system for years. Ford has now upped its game and has improved its voice control technology – meaning that you can now speak to the SYNC system “more naturally.”

Murph points out that voice control in vehicles is still too slow and needs to see further improvements before we can truly rely on them. For now I am happy just creating my own playlist and playing the songs that I like, saves asking for one song and getting something totally inappropriate when the kids are in the car.



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