CoD Modern Warfare Online: Would you pay for it?

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2010

Michael Pachter is known for his somewhat ‘unnecessary’ predictions on the gaming industry and his ideas for a successful future, but he has really outdone himself this time. He believes that companies like Activision should start charging gamers a separate fee to play online multiplayer games.

It sounds a bit crazy on first reading doesn’t it? He does give his reasons for his admission though. When speaking in a recent interview with Industry Gamers, Pachter reiterated last night’s NPD results which concluded in a 6 percent US sales drop year-over-year.

Because of this, he believes that the time is now right for companies to start thinking of ideas to monetize their games and singled out the Call of Duty franchise as a key target to get the ball rolling. Here is a portion of his interview with IG:

“We think that it is incumbent upon Activision, with the most popular multiplayer game, to take the first step to address monetization of multiplayer. It is too early to tell whether that will be a monthly subscription, tournament entry fees, microtransaction fees, or a combination of all three.”

He added that Call of Duty: Black Ops may be the first game which Activision uses to introduce some sort of business model but either way – it doesn’t look good for gamers.

On the plus side of things, a standalone fee for playing Modern Warfare online could result in steady updates for the game and free content – namely extra maps and new weapons as an example, but would there be guarantees on constant bug fixes? Gamers will be really angry if they have to pay for a game that doesn’t work wouldn’t they?

Then again, you could argue that why should gamers have to first pay a fee for the game (worse for UK gamers), and then ANOTHER separate fee to play a core feature of the game which should be free in the first place? At the moment, you have to say that PS3 owners have got a pretty good deal with free online gaming, but this could turn into a real problem if Pachter’s ‘visions’ come true.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you see both sides of the argument, or are you completely against this?

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  • tetsaiga

    I will never pay on online fee for modern warfare 2.
    If they bring a fee out, I will spend the time I used to spend playing this, petitioning for people who won’t pay an online fee to get their money back for the dlc.
    I am sure thousands of people will join me in this petition.
    You can’t make people pay for dlc without them knowing a fee will be there in the future to access it.
    If they bring out a fee for black opps that’s fair enough because people will know what they are signing up for.
    I will never buy anything to do with activision in future if they do this.

  • Sean

    What a bunch of money grabbing bastards!!! If this is true i may as well sell my xbox because all i play is cod4 and mw2 online. i already pay £39.99 for a years membership to xbox live and to think they want us to pay more just to play the game online!! Activision you can go and f**k yourselves!!!

  • PaulJSanchez

    First live, then play. I'm a fan of COD franchise, but forget it if they think i'm going to pay for multiplayer gaming.

  • Bradley

    If you have to play for multiplayer on black ops then I'll play the campaign and then change game. I am not going to pay to play CoD and I'd rather play Fable III which looks like it's going to be pretty damn good. I'm sorry activision but I don't have the money to pay for more online…

  • james8972

    Noooo, I will not and refuse to pay for this. Call of Duty is famous for its multilayer, and truly, I don't think anybody would play Call of Duty anymore if you have to pay for it, and nobody will probably buy the games anymore except for maybe the campaign. I think Activision has started to become greedy lately. First they decide to make the Modern Warfare 2 map packs $15 instead of $10, and now this? This could ruin the name of Call of Duty.

  • roger

    activision sucks , i searching for another fps , i ll never pay for that.

  • Jack

    Are you kidding? Nothing free would come from Activision. If they made us pay for a subscription they would not give out free stuff

  • Guest

    Who is going to pay $60 to play just the single player version of COD? Not me, that's for sure. They forget that's the reason were willing to spend more for the game. Buy paying a monthly subscription fee to play, all were doing is subsidizing Activision's lack of other quality titles. If they want to make more money, maybe they should make better games that come out every year.

  • pantz

    i would stop playing online games i already have to spend money to get live. activision needs to fuck of and not even think of this idea they are already bastard coated bastards with a bastard filling

  • rah

    lmao, charge monthly for psn+ and xboxlive and then charge me for a game to play online???
    they not know were in a recession? this game is'nt wow for feks sake

  • this bastards are keep doing this until we find the industries back to its root .

  • wiseguys

    He says that it doesn't look good for gamers.. I bet if WE (gamers) don't buy call of duty black ops it wont look good for Activision..

    • Prince-Ali

      OII UREE A BLOODYY GEEEEEEEEE!!! LOOL u literally summed it up in a nut shell let em do it and we'll see who even buys or plays CoD !

  • Riprie

    If this became true in near future it would make piracy even more popular. Also if the game you buy still costs the same much as it would cost with MP means there aren't going to be many people who want to buy it because they know they can't afford the game and subscription fee. I am totally against this.

  • Matt

    They must be forgetting what a Map Pack is, or DLC that give the player good reason to drop another five dollars+ on the same game. This "extra fee" already exists, and Bungie has successfully severely constricted the Multiplayer experience for their game if you dont have all of their availible map packs. This gave players that reason. Supply and demand will give a smaller than prefered player base that the COD franchise has, and dethrone it as the most played online game, that has largely been prolonged because of the 3 year long cycle (ODST was clearly an expansion to Halo 3, and Bungie has made that clear by calling the game Halo 3 Odst) it takes for Bungie to make a completely new engine and release their beast of a game. Dont forget the records they set with a release on ONE console, when the console wasn't quite two years old.