Call of Duty: Black Ops – Box Art, but no Zombie Mode Yet

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2010

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops (which is pretty much everyone), as Activision has just unveiled the box art for the title scheduled to release on November 9th.

As reported from SixthAxis, this box art for Black Ops is quite dark and dirty, compared to previous installments by Treyarch, where we just saw a soldier walking towards the camera.

Another difference between the World At War and Black Ops Box Art, is that Treyarch and Activision have actually used a real photograph this time, unlike a digitalized image used last time.

Check out the box art below and let us know what you think of it. Now all we need is a confirmation of zombie mode and we’re all set to go.

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  • Charles

    I think they should make zombies like in WaW but have a hardcore mode in which zombies can jump, some weapons, etc.

  • Subaru_Guy ps3

    I Agree With Bobbie Alot

    Key Things Needed

    8 players online 4 if split screen

    modern guns (keep ppsh its the don)

    More Space

    More Buildings

    More Areas of they can only come from in front

    i would like to see comedy weapons like the nail gun or a water pistol lmao

    just sumthing for the 1 time laugh lol

    if they dont make zombies i wont be buying it for sure and i love cod if there is no zombies then dead rising 2 it is no doubt

    ohh yhh and as bobbie says give them a little extra something like the axe or fork i think it would be kool if as you shot the zombies arm or leg even the head the hit or throw it at you lol the windows are great ideas maybe it wont be on the game it will be dlc only time will tell these things but they should be looking around at these forums or have a site to say what is needed in zombies as we are the ones buying the games even tho there great n e ways some people come up with immense ideas

  • Carter

    I can tell you right now that if they don't have Zombies, then I'm buying Fallout: New Vegas instead.
    Also, I hope they have the zombies able to jump. It would also be pretty awesome if they gave you like a Jeep with a gattling gun on the back of it, and you could drive it and just mow down some zombies. Just a thought though…

  • Justin

    Nazi zombies is the best thing since sliced bread, treyarch would be dumb to not add it into Black ops, and also they would lose millions and millions in sales

  • Robert

    I hope they have zombies, if not im going to Buy Medal of Honor.

  • bazer

    if they dont have zombies i aint buying it and a lot of other people wont

  • jimmy buffett

    i dont think they will do another zombies they will try and go for something new

  • Matt

    They waited until just before the release last time to maximize hype, and I wouldn't expect them to do it differently this time around. If you have seen the XBL video from about a year ago for the Map Pack 3 release, it showed the developers OBSESSION for the mode. That information doesn't necessarily confirm its existence, but it shows that Treyarch has a given incentive to make it that is so huge that the chance that they wont make it is about the size of the dolphin population in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Bobby 18 M

    needs 2 be 6-8 players online
    upto 4 -6 players splitscreen
    and 4-6 splitscreen online so you can player more than one person online on a single ps3 or xbox 360
    alot bigger maps more space and buildings , roads etc
    faster stronger zombies, more zombies they can jump on the roofs of buildings makes it more fun and intense, some should have weapons like an axe, shovel, spades. a fork to hit you with
    jeeps with mounted machine gun
    upgrade bombs, knives etc
    give a certain amount of points or guns to other players if you dont want it or if they need it
    , make it like '30 days of night' film that would be good