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Battlefield Bad Company 2: PC Onslaught Mode – Release Date Confusion

Are you patiently awaiting news on the PC release date for the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Onslaught Co-Op mode? PC owners thought they heard a confirmation on the release of this mode a few days ago, but we have details which suggest otherwise.

As reported from VG247, a report by PC Gamer a few days ago seemingly confirmed that a PC version of Onslaught was on the way, but it seems as if that made DICE a little sensitive.

We say this, because Battlefield community manager “zh1nt0″ had this to say in a recent status update on Twitter:

“The article published by PC-Gamer is not accurate. We are currently researching if Onslaught will be available for PC. No release date.”

Sounds like PC Gamer put their article up a little too early, don’t you think? It is safe to say that it is definitely coming, just a case of when.

Let us know your thoughts on this. We’ll update you when we know more.



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