Apple Stock Price (AAPL) After Press Conference

In the few days before this late iPhone 4 conference Apple (AAPL) shares fell by about 4 percent, shares were also down by at least 1 percent moments before Steve Jobs took to the stage. Since then the stock price has increased by 1.3 percent, which is seen as a good sign.

Shares started falling directly after Consumer Reports said that they couldn’t recommend the phone, which Steve Jobs said that he was deeply upset about. Jobs’ saying that Apple was not perfect is seen as a sign that the company is changing, and not arrogant as the media makes them out to be.

Only time will tell if Apple has done enough to please its customers, but offering a free bumper and refund to those who have already purchased one is certainly seen as a goodwill gesture.

Steve said that it is the media who has blown the antenna issue out of proportion and that iPhone 4 customers seem very happy and have not complained of any signal issue.

With the Apple CEO saying that he feels pain when his customers are upset will certainly do the brand image good, we just wonder if stock prices will go in their favor?

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