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Apple Press Conference: Cynicism and iPhone 4

With the Apple press conference just hours away people are still debating on what the company is going to announce. Is Apple going to admit they were wrong and hand everyone around the world a replacement iPhone 4?

In an article by Jennifer Allan over at, is reporting that the website asked its readers what they thought they would hear at the press conference. Most of their readers are cynical about it with 52 percent reckoning that it would be nothing more than some PR babble about the reception issues.

Seventeen percent of the readers expected hypnotism before being told that the software fix had solved the problem, and now iPhone 4 owners will get a reliably low signal display. Only thirteen percent expected a recall, with another twelve per cent hoping for a free bumper case. Five percent were prepared to witness Steve Jobs laughing at everyone’s gullibility for the whole of the conference.

What do you think is going to happen? Let us know your views.


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