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Apple iPhone 4: Free Bumper and refund

Steve Jobs has delivered his speech during the iPhone 4 conference and certainly gave us some interesting things to think about, which you can read more about in a later article. The most that we got from this last minute event was a free Bumper and a refund to those who have already purchased one.

The free Bumper only applies to an iPhone 4 that has been purchased before September 30th. The reason for the cut-off date is because Apple hopes to offer another solution by then.

Apple Insider noted that Steve Jobs said that they were unable to make Bumpers quick enough, so have made the decision to team up with third parties to help take the load off. The positive side to this is that users will now get more choice.

Those who own an iPhone 4 will be able to register for their free Bumper next week, and remember you can still return your iPhone within 30 days if you are not happy for a full refund.



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