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Angry Birds Game Walkthrough: Golden eggs, and more

The Angry Birds game for the iPad and iPhone has taken the app market by storm, and we can certainly see why. Having only spent one hour on the game I can certainly see how the game has become so popular – I was addicted, my cousin having to prize the iPad from my hands.

So we now know how difficult the game can be, that’s where Video Games Bloggers walkthrough video of the game comes in. They have taken a look at the iPhone version, which is just the same as the iPad.

We was going to embed the videos of the walkthrough, but there is just too many, so head over to the website via the link above. There are 26 videos in all – you will have to be a huge fan of the game to watch all of those.

The Angry Birds Golden Eggs Locations Guide is something else that could interest you, I have seen for myself how frustrated people get when trying to locate these. There are 10 golden eggs in all to collect, which you can learn more about in these four videos. Let us know how you get on.



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