Android Out Selling iPhone: Is this confirmed by Steve Jobs?

By Gary Johnson - Jul 16, 2010

With the Apple press conference behind us we have some news to report besides all the iphone 4 antenna issues. Steve Jobs confirmed today that Apple in just 22 days have sold 3 million iPhone 4’s, this sounds quite impressive but Google announced they are activating 160,000 Android handsets a day. This over the same period totals over 3.5 million sold.

Seth Weintraub from is reporting in an article that these figures do not include sales of previous iPhone models Apple is selling, so we can’t know for sure the total numbers of iPhones that are actually being sold.

In the first few days of launch Apple sold 1.7 million iPhone 4’s, but only 1.3 million was sold in the next 19 days. This works out at around 70,000 units per day which is less than half of those on Android. This could have something to do with the low stock levels of the iPhone 4 and no white version until the end of July.

It might be difficult for Apple to match Android’s figures if they can’t beat their rivals weekly totals at its annual iPhone launch. But we will not know for sure who is selling the most handsets.

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  • GFunk

    Look people. Apple sells it one phone on only one network. Android sells all of its phone on all the major networks Sprint, Verizon, TMobile and At&T. So all of you who say oh apple sells are not good compared to Apples are just plain blind to the facts. That is like comparing a company that makes a computer part that sells that part to many manufacturers to a company that sells a whole computer and saying oh wow this part manufacturer sold a more parts. Who care? if your gonna compare Apple to Android compare it to a company like HTC on AT&T? How many droid phones are being sold on that network then you will have a real comparison? How many of you apple haters really think that if the iphone was available to every network that we would even be talking about android as a viable 2nd option. And as far as the upgrade numbers who cares? I cant wait for the iphone to come to verizon if it ever does. and if it does not come by february i am switching to At&T. I wonder how many people are switching from AT&T to verizon for the Droid X? The wireless business is pretty much tapped out there not really anyone without a cell phone that wants one. Maybe that is why the iphone doesnt consist of a lot of new activations.

  • chris

    honestly to compare the diffrent android device sales to the one iphone model is pure ignorancce. even tho the htc evo is the greatest phone ever madeeeeeeee. the iphone sales compared to others is no where near the amount of total iphones sales that are gonna happe. due to the low inventory the iphone hasnt reacch 6 billion. but as soon as they release to those other 12 countries ndddd release the white iphone i guarantee they will b in the billions

  • academic

    why do people love the iPhone so much so as to call all other phones as knockoffs? And if I am making an app, would it not make sense to see how many devices run on the platform. So Android outselling the iPhone is kind of a big deal, also important is the fact that most iPhone4s are upgrades.

  • Dougie

    What's the point of all the useless iphone negative press. Do you really think you're going to fool people into buying some other knock off, some flimsy sub-par wanna be iphone knock off. Listen 3 million divided by 22 days is some where in the region of 136,000 per day.
    Why would you want to disregard the first 3 days. Could it be that you just want to low-ball the incredible sales performance of Apple's Iphone. A single device that is far out pacing all the silly phones in the Android army. I just wish that people would write these silly stories and present them like news. You just make yourselves look stupid. Then again maybe you are, but every one isn't, so stop it. So being stupid. You fools are just polluting the internet with your crap.

  • Eddy

    There are 60 android phones and only 1 iPhone so if you take that into consideration, the iPhone is king by a million miles!. The fact that you are comparing the sales numbers of 60 android phones to 1 iPhone shows how superior the iPhone is!

  • Jeff

    If you also take account that 80% of those iPhone 4 sales are upgrades from a previous iPhone, then the actual NEW iPhone sales are even smaller.