New Xbox 360 Slim Arcade: Release Date and Price on Amazon

By Alan Ng - Jul 15, 2010

We have some exciting news for those of you planning to pick up one of the new Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles. We have details on another model rumored to be releasing soon – the new Xbox 360 Arcade model.

According to this report from Kotaku, a listing for the new Arcade model has appeared over on Interestingly, the new console will come with 4GB of internal storage via flash, but there are no mentions of a hard drive yet. We expect there to be some sort of additional memory, as we all know that 4GB is not enough when it comes to required memory on the 360. has listed the new Xbox 360 Arcade for a release on August 20th, which conveniently falls right inbetween this year’s Gamescom event in Cologne. As for the price, it is listed at 149 Euros, which translates to around $189!

Let us know your thoughts on this – particularly on the memory mystery. Would you pick this cheaper model up over the 250GB one?

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  • m..

    4 gb… thats it? wow my psp has more memory then that. then again you could just buy a chap 16gb usb and store your stuf on that.

  • jj21

    I think that the 4gb storage isn't enough

  • matty

    This could potentialy suck for me and other Arcade console buyers!

    Reason being i bought an xbox 360 Arcade with an extra 3yr Argos gaurantee ( if it breaks take it back and they replace it with a new one rite there and then) inevatably mine is going to break ( this is my 3rd xbox) when it breaks it will no doubtably be replaced with the new model wich is all well and good apart from the 4gb storage. See Arcade users like me eventully went on to buy a seperate HDD hardrive when we could afford it (wich are not cheap),the old Xbox 360 HDD hardrives are not compatible with the new models.

    So i will get a brand new shiney console but will have to go and fork out MORE money for ANOTHER hardrive,when its not my fault the consoles keep breaking down.

    The new Xbox 360 Arcade Slim should come with ATLEAST 20GB storage.

  • Xbox


  • Jason

    I'm a PS3 only gamer, but I will look into buying this arcade model to play with friends who only have a 360, 4gb is enough,I won't be buying any DLC for the 360,I hope it hits Australia soon.