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Motorola Droid X Available to Buy: Verizon price

Verizon now has a new Android handset to not only fight off the iPhone 4, but also other handsets running on the Google Mobile OS. The latest edition to the family is the Motorola Droid X and offers a vast improvement over the previous version.

The Droid X is now available and costs just $199.99 on a two-year contract, that’s after receiving an instant $100 discount. This handset has a lot riding on it, as the original Droid from Motorola has been the best selling Android handset to date.

However, its job has been made that much easier with both the HTC Incredible and the EVO 4G still out of stock. The reason for this is due to a lack of production for its display. The date that these handset will start to ship again changes all the time, as you would imagine this is bad news for HTC.

For those who need a little recap of what the Droid X has, we can tell you that it comes with a large 4.3-inch screen, 8-megapixel camera, 1GHz processor and that impressive Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. For more details visit Verizon



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