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iPhone 5 2011: Why No Recall Now

Today’s release of the Motorola X is not the biggest news in the smartphone market as Verizon had hoped. Trust Apple to announce that they will hold a special press conference tomorrow. I just find it strange that Apple decided to talk about the problems of the iPhone 4 tomorrow – especially when they have had three weeks to do so.

Looking back on past posts, a number of analysts believe that Apple will begin a recall of the troubled fourth-generation iPhone with its faulty antenna. However, Christer Holloman has an interesting theory on this, and its not good.

Holloman explains on Sky News that if Apple were to issue a recall to fix the signal problem, then the entire design of the iPhone 4 will need to be changed, as the antenna is a major part of the design of the handset.

If Apple were to choose this route they would need to redevelop the handset, source new parts, and change the machinery at the manufacturing plant. By that time we will be in June 2011 and that new handset will be called the iPhone 5. It is for that reason that there will not be any recall.

The only thing we can expect is a free Bumper – we know that this is not acceptable, but it is the only choice that Apple has. Do you think that the iPhone 4 antenna problems will tarnish the Apple brand?



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