iPhone 4 Recall: Should it happen or not?

By Alan Ng - Jul 15, 2010

As the aftermath continues after Consumer Reports recent revelations about the iPhone 4 became public, many users have been wondering if Apple will announce a recall for the iPhone 4 over reception/antenna problems.

We have now learned that Apple are planning a special media press conference this Friday to talk about issues regarding the handset. Whether they had other things to talk about is unknown, but you can bet that these reception/antenna issues will now take center stage on top of anything else.

Would an iPhone 4 recall be too drastic to contemplate? Could you really imagine Apple offering to fix all iPhones free of charge? It wouldn’t be a surprise if they were to offer free bumper cases to users, as means of a way to make this go away quickly.

Apple has taken a bit of a beating over this you have to say. Let us know your thoughts on the whole saga. Should an iPhone 4 recall happen or not?

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