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iPhone 4 Recall and Special Apple Press Conference

Apple has had a tough few weeks with the iPhone 4 and the continued problems with its antenna. The Cupertino company had not said much about the issue, which has angered iPhone 4 owners. However, they have finally announced a special press conference for tomorrow, which many believe is to put a stop to rumors of a recall.

According to Sky News, an Apple spokesman declined to offer any further details, which we are not surprised by. We do not know for certain what the press conference will be about, but our money is on the signal issue caused by the external antenna – although cutting edge in design, it was always going to pose a problem when the hand comes into contact with it.

However, according to Damien Pearse from Sky News, he reports that Apple watchers believe that there will not be a recall – instead Apple will offer a solution to the issue. Charter Equity Research analyst, Ed Snyder believes that this will either be a fix or compensation for those who have purchased an iPhone 4.

When Snyder mentions compensation we believe this to be a free Bumper, we will know more at 10A.M. PST on Friday. Apple could also mention the fact that they are working on an update, as last night they made available iOS 4.1 SDK update.



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