Chevy Volt: No 230 MPG EPA rating

When GM announced to the world the 2011 Chevy Volt, its biggest selling point was to be its 230 miles per gallon rating. However, in a strange twist that EPA rating of 230mpg will never come. The reason for this is because the Feds will not use the same testing procedure as GM did.

The reason for this is because the way that fuel economy is rated has to change for electric vehicles, as they cannot be the same as used on gas only models. Jeremy Korzeniewski from Autoblog tells us that an EPA rating will not come for a while yet – maybe we will find out just before the Chevy Volt gets its public release at the end of the year.

Korzeniewski learned this revelation after attending an afternoon at general Motors battery plant. We learned yesterday that GM offered details on the warranty on the batteries, which you can read more about in our previous post.

Yesterday was also the first time that the Victory Red Chevy Volt was spotted, and forms part of the manufacturing validation vehicles. GM is expected to start building the first production versions soon.



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