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Xbox 360 Kinect: First Bundle and Price from Walmart

We have some important news for those of you planning to pick up Microsoft’s Kinect motion software for the Xbox 360 console, as Walmart has detailed what looks to be the very first hardware and software bundle.

As reported from VG247, the US retailer is providing a Kinect bundle for $199. If you needed any further proof that the standalone price for Kinect will be $149, then Walmart’s bundle is probably all you need.

For $199, you’ll get a Kinect kit, a choice of a Kinect game and also a $30 eGift Card at Walmart. It is not a bad deal for the $50 extra when you think about it.

There will be six games to choose from, they include: Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventure, Dance Central, Kinectimals, Kinect Joy Ride or Harry Potter: Deadly Hallows. You can also choose an additional game with the bundle for an extra $59 – bringing the total price to $258 with two games.

What are your thoughts on this? It seems a bit odd that Walmart has put this online despite the fact that Microsoft are yet to officially confirm pricing.

Are you interested in this bundle or not? I’m sure there will be a lot more bundles to choose from closer to the November 4th Release. Visit Walmart’s page here.


  • vince

    See ya – still way too expensive – for the price of a new Xbox they give you a camera….

  • JD

    the price for this crap is dumb its not going to sell at this price..they well have to make it cheaper the 3DS is going to kill this product..lets hope they have the brains not to release this at the same time the 3DS comes out…………………………….even though i do like it still better then the wii concept i just thank it needs to be priced at 99$ or 129$


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