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T-Mobile HSPA+ Coverage: Rollout Date and List of Cities

We have some important news for customers on T-Mobile now, as the carrier has just announced a launch date for their HSPA+ network rollout, as well as a list of cities that will be supported by the new data speeds.

As reported from BGR, T-Mobile HSPA+ will be rolling out on July 21st, which is exactly one week away. It will be available in 19 cities to start off with, some of which include Austin TX, Cleveland OH, Washington D.C, Portland OR, Kansas City MO and much more.

You will be able to view the full list of cities below. Has your city been missed off the list? Hopefully T-Mobile are already working hard to get more cities available for HSPA+ soon. Let us know your thoughts on this, more details over at BGR.

HPSA+ Coverage on July 19th:

* Austin, TX
* Baltimore, MD
* Birmingham, AL
* Cincinnati, OH
* Cleveland, OH
* Columbus, OH
* El Paso, TX
* Ft. Worth, TX
* Hawaii, HI
* Indianapolis, IL
* Jacksonville, FL
* Kansas City, MO
* Louisville, TN
* Milwaukee, WI
* Minneapolis, MN
* Portland, OR
* San Antonio, TX
* Washington, D.C.
* Wichita, KS

Will this make you switch to T-Mobile, knowing that you can benefit from a much faster data connection? It will be interesting to see how this competes with Sprint’s 4G connections.



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