Sony NEX-VG10 HD Camcorder: Release date and price

By Peter Chubb - Jul 14, 2010

Sony has been in the Handycam business for 25 years now and has produced something new to help celebrate. The Sony NEX-VG10 is the first HD camcorder to come with an interchangeable lens, they wanted to call it a four-thirds camera, but were unable to do so for various reasons.

The new camcorder shares something in common with NEX-5 and NEX-3 – it uses the same Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. Live action recording is done at 1080p, and when it wants to take stills, you will get 14.2-megapixels and the use of an 18-200mm lens.

The Sony NEX-VG10 HD camcorder comes with Quad Capsule Spatial Array Stereo Microphone, making this an ideal camcorder for recording special moments – such as weddings. You can even show guest what you have recorded so far with the 3-inch swivel display.

According to Tim Moynihan from PC World, the NEX-VG10 will cost around $2000 when released sometime in September.

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  • tom

    You can't call it a four thirds camera when the APS-C sized sensor is larger than a 4/3 image sensor. As you can see here:

    I don't like the NEX-VG10 handycam because it lacks power zoom. It's ackward to hold the camera using the grip with the right hand, there is no zoom lever on the lens, so you grab the zoom ring to turn it and you end up moving the entire camera.

    • Adam

      You know whats really "ackward"?… the way you spelled Awkward.