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New Fun Photo App: iLookFunny 1.0 for iPhone

Owners of the iPhone can get a fun new app which allows them to take photo’s of themselves and their friends and customize them by adding things like wigs and moustaches. iLookFunny 1.0 will keep the whole family amused for ages.

Released by Riptide games the app can be used using the iPhone camera. Each photo taken can be changed by adding a whole host of fun items like glasses, wigs, and many other items. Photo’s can be instantly posted straight to a users Facebook album.

Finished photo’s that are saved to the user’s library can be viewed at a later date, or shared via Twitter, email, and MMS. Owners of the iPhone 4 can take advantage of the devices front camera and retina display. To start with there are twelve different objects available, but the number will almost double when the app gets its first update.

iLookFunny 1.0 is on the App Store for only $0.99. iPhone required with OS 3.1 or later.



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