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Motorola Droid X Stock: Shortage Update from Verizon

Yesterday we gave you an update regarding stock availability for the upcoming Motorola Droid X which is due to be released on Verizon Wireless tomorrow. We know have a statement from Verizon themselves regarding the issue, and it is good news.

As reported from Phandroid, some customers were fearing that Verizon wouldn’t be able to cope with demand for the highly anticipated Droid X – especially after the shortage problems regarding the HTC Droid Incredible.

Thankfully though, that isn’t the case. Here is a statement from Verizon regarding the matter:

“While we are currently experiencing delays on orders of one of our more popular phones. We view that as an anomaly driven by a combination of supply and popularity,” Brenda Raney said. “At present, we feel that we have done everything possible to ensure we have inventory to meet customer needs around the Droid X–the proof will be in the execution on July 15.”

So thats good then isn’t it? Hopefully they have learned from the Droid Incredible problems, and we won’t have a repeat when the Droid X becomes available.

We’ll inform you of any more details when we get them. Are you planning to pick up the handset tomorrow?


  • J@Atl

    "Free overnight shipping" is, in my case, a fallacy.
    The image on their site *still* reads: "Order by 4:30pm Mon-Fri & get it the next business day."

    I ordered mine at 2:30PM ET yesterday (Thursday) and hoped/expected to get it today, Friday 16 June. No such luck.

    After spending far too much time on the phone, it appears that 2:30PM is no longer "before" 4:30PM. That is, the order needs to be received and processed before 4:30PM ET to be put on the 5:00PM ET truck. (I guess they didn't anticipate demand, and ask for a later truck?)

    The pushback (that even the customer service rep didn't buy!) from their internet/online channel was that there is a lag to process my credit card and check availability. I still can't fathom how this was *not* done with lots of time to spare in my case, but I digress.

    So, I get my handset Monday. Had I know, I would have scoured the metro area for in-stock handsets last night (when there were many still available.) Not even a peep that my handset had to wait until *today* at noon to hop on a FedEx truck.

    Would I have stood in a line? Knowing what I know now, certainly. It would have the phone this weekend instead of waiting until Monday.


  • Jake

    I work for best buy mobile and it is a joke- we only got one droid x in and I was left empty handed without the phone that i hyped up for months, seriously this has got to stop.

  • Trying to buy in-store is not the way to go people. I bought mine online from verizon and I didn't have to stand in any stupid lines and wait for hours outside a store. Plus I got FREE overnight shipping which is perfectly fine for me.

  • Kevin

    The verizon wireless store near my house said they would be getting 20; i doubt that my local store will meet the demand.

  • Ron

    I never got a call from my local Best Buy here in NY. I stopped by on the way home from work and they said they didn’t get them in and couldn’t set up an appointment for me. I asked for my deposits back. So disappointed! Should have known from the day I went in… they didn’t even know that I could reserve the phone in the first place. I had to show them on the internet. Probably never even ordered them. What a joke!

  • anthony

    i feel like a little kid the day before christmas!!!

  • Richard

    Yes, I'm picking up a Droid X first thing in the morning. I have a 2 year-old Blackberry that seems older and slower with each comparison to new Smartphones coming on the market. I would've gone with iPhone but AT&T coverage is too spotty.

  • xscan

    know not= now

  • Mike

    Pick it up tomorrow? Heck yes! I am number 10 on my local Best Buy's pre-order list. I'll be extremely dissapointed if I am not able to get this phone on release day.


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