Motorola Droid 2: Specs and Verizon Release in Summer Confirmed

By Alan Ng - Jul 14, 2010

Are you thinking of jumping on board the Motorola Droid X bandwagon? You might want to re-think your ideas, since a leaked Verizon catalog has fresh details on the Motorola Droid 2, confirming a list of specifications for the device.

The leaked catalog comes to us courtesy of BGR, who were sent the juicy information by one of their Verizon contacts via email. The catalog refers to Verizon’s Summer/Fall lineup and features both the Motorola Droid X and Droid 2 as the main headliners.

Since we already know about the Droid X, we are focusing on the Droid 2. Thanks to the new information, we know now that the handset will feature a 5 megapixel camera, an 8GB memory card pre-installed on the device, EV-DO Rev A support, a 1GHz processor, Google Maps, 3G Mobile Hotpot and 512MB RAM.

We wonder when Verizon were planning to release this information publicly, perhaps after the Motorola Droid X launch? Either way, it is pretty obvious that this information is 100% legit. Check out more details from the catalog over at BGR.

Do you have anything to share on the Droid 2?

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  • Ben52

    I have the droid x, and am still within my 30 days…. Should I get the droid 2 instead? The x has many problems that if they fix with froyo, I would be happy. I am getting used to the touch keyboard with swype,(and I was using an envy2) The worst part about the droid x is the in ability to cut and paste text with any presision. Who ever came up with the red bullseye dot is an idiot. do take a lot of pics with this thing and they are good quality wise. The hdmi is useless at this point. Does anyone know if we will be able to use the phone to play movies on a tv? That a big reason why I bought it.

  • jim

    i heard the droid 2 will be ready for the new network verizon is launching, so the internet will be faster though the processor si the same speed

  • Ernest

    I was thinking of getting the Droid 2, but it doesn't support HDMI out, so I may get a Droid X. I have the original droid, but my phone went bad, it is killing batteries, so I may be able to upgrade to a Droid X, for an additional charge. To the person who asked, who takes a lot of pictures with their phone? I do, I have an 8 Mega pixel digital camera, that I use for events and such, but when I'm on the go, and happen to see something I like, I use my camera. I take lots of images with my regular digital camera, I'm talking thousands, so the fact I take hundreds of images with my cell phone is no surprise. For many people, their cell phone has become their primary camera, because the quality has become that good. They may not be, what would be in a magazine, but they are good enough for the web. There are even some artists who have made an art form, out of taking photos, with sub megapixel cameras,

  • joe

    This article isn’t telling everyone to hold off on the droid x. Its just informing people it has the same specs as droid x but with a physical keyboard besides the camera. And if I remembered correctly, they said droid 2 will do hd video rendering.

    And honestly, I don’t like that huge of a screen. I’m gunna get this or the samsung galaxy

  • XdroidOwner=(

    I really wanna see this droid 2 I used to had the droid for 29 days lol cause I paid full retail and was within my thirty days so I. Downgraded back to my shitty chocolate touch to wait for the x come to find out its been a bitch to find here in olympia wa and I’m gonna have to order it which is not so bad cause now I can wait to atleast check out a video or picture or something but I would think its not the camera that’s gonna be the leg up on droid 2 but the 4.3 inch 720p hd screen that’s displaying the pictures and videos… along with blockbuster on demand preloaded sounds pretty fuckin legit… who needs cable anymore? But damn what’s next after these two models? And is there any differences in the memories of the two phones i read something about the droid 2 coming with an 8gb memory card pre installed.. but I’m pretty sure I read on the spec sheet at the verizon store for the x that it comes with a 24gb memory card.. thx and btw both of you talkin shit on a cell phone forum are idiots

    • Tracester

      Actually the Droid X comes with a pre-installed 16gb card which is still better than the Droid 2.

  • David Rose

    Yo, don't be hateful to the man. If u want a physical keyboard, the Droid 2 is probably a better phone for u. He's not being a fag by expressing that. Lay off! AND IF PR IS THE WORST SITE EVER, WHY THE HELL R U READING IT!?

  • I would also rather have a physical keyboard. The digital touch-screen interface keyboards are slow and usually don't work properly. I can type 5-10 times faster on a physical keyboard. And yeah, who really uses their phone to take pictures all the time…?

  • ASI Photo

    5 megapixal vs 8 will actually yeald very little discernable difference. Picture quality in digital form is based on sensor size : Thats why a SLR digital camera is far more expensive that a casio 12 megapixal pocket camera.

  • Droiddoes

    DUH… it has a PHYSICAL KEYBOARD… maybe you think that unimportant, and that's probably why you don't work for r&d at motorola… geez you ever think that someone else may think a 8mp phone camera is unimportant.. because I have a canon rebel that I use to take pictures.. I would rather have the keyboard… idiot!

    • They call me Mr. Bro

      I like to touch type, so I use my Think Outside bluetooth keyboard with my Droid X. I like the thinness of the Droid, and the screen isn't really worse than a teeny keyboard – what with the big screen and all.
      Anyway, my question is, do you take your canon rebel everywhere you take your phone? Even a 30 megapixel Hasselblad is totally useless if you don't have it with you. That's why you want a nice camera on your phone. (Incidentally, I almost always have my Lumix with me. That is small enough to bring…)
      Anyway, if anyone who doesn't agree with you is an idiot, you must live in a miserable world. Try to cheer up…

  • rudy

    forget both and get the evo 4g,has all these features and a camera on both side for video calling…my contract ends next month…

  • Alex

    If a physical keyboard is important to you, it may make the difference

  • Darren

    Amen brother. I'm seeing this everywhere. Oh the Droid 2 is coming, hold off on Droid X. Why it's better, slimmer, and just look at the specs. Sure who doesn't want to spend more for less lol!