iPhone 4: White version could be delayed further

By Peter Chubb - Jul 15, 2010

Towards the end of last month we reported that Apple had delayed the release date of the white iPhone 4, and the fact that it will not be available until the second half of July. Within the next couple of days we would have entered the second part of July, and I would expect the delay to be extended.

Apple has a tough time ahead of them over the next few days, we all know the issue with the antenna on the iPhone 4, and there have been a number of calls for the Cupertino company to issue a recall – this could affect the impending release of the white version of the fourth-generation iPhone.

We have to wonder if Apple is working behind the scenes to solve the issue, they need to do something, as they have not shared any information with its customers. Maybe when the white iPhone 4 gets released it will have the needed update to solve the signal issue.

Will you buy the white iPhone when it gets released or will you wait to see what Apple has to say over analyst’s claims that a recall is needed?

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  • Nicole

    Apple needs to just swallow their pride and tell their customers when they expect to release the White version of the iphone 4! Its not fair to us customers who want the white version to be sittin around playing the guessing game! They need to give us an exact date! The more they keep stalling around the more im not going to want the phone and end up jus keeping my 3g! I have to have the white one! No exceptions! So apple needs to just go ahead and tell it like it is!!!

  • Ata

    Who in the world would hold their phone like that anyway?!!! So stupid. The phone is awesome and the white will be mine when it eventually gets released, when ever that is!!!

  • Ollie

    are be hopefully getting a white iphone when it launches hopefully then the signal promblem will be fixed and i like the colour white because it goes with the summer!

  • frustrated apple fan

    I will get the white iPhone as soon as it is released. If a bumper fixes the signal issues then it's really not a huge deal and certainly not worth a recall. However, I do think it would be the decent and respectful thing for Apple to do, to give their customers more info on why the white iPhone was delayed and when exactly they plan to release it. Leaving customers in the dark comes across as arrogant and disrespectful and could eventually come to take a bite out of Apple.

  • John G

    The biggest reason I became such a loyal Apple Customer was the very way they easily solve problems with replacements or updates to any hardware with "known issues" Wtih my 3g and 3gs phones, the plastic back casing cracked severly twice, and replaced the phone no questions asked. When my battery on my Macbook began malfunctioning, replaced it, and out of the store in 30 minutes.

    This is one of the biggest Known issues they have thus far. I plan to buy the White iphone as soon as it is released, but if they don't offer to resolve this issue if affects my phone…..Apple will have done uncorrectable harm to their reputation. And I would lose a lot of confidence in buying apple products in the future.

  • Commenter#4

    I already have my white bumper in hand 🙂

  • KAY

    I just read from the Washington Post that Apple is having a press conference on Friday morning. I'm sure they are going to address the antenna problem but maybe they might also talk about the white iphone??? 🙂 lets hope so!

    Sadly, I have my case before my white iphone..

  • ive been waiting for this white iphone to come out.. my friend has the black one and has no problems with it.. i wrote on ceo steve jobs twitter i told him in dying for the white iphone and it needs to come out asap. hopefully it comes out within this up coming week because this blackberry aint cutting it for me.. i had my 3g S stolen and i figured id wait for the new iphone to come out.. ….. im waiting longer then expected =/ lol… if someone from apple is reading this….RELEASE THE PHONE PLEASE!!!!!

  • Will

    I am definitely waiting and getting the white iPhone 4. All my friends who have the iPhone 4 have no issues or problems whatsoever plus I've also asked several strangers and they love the phone and no complaints whatsoever..It's this simple..if your going to whine and cry and rant about it then just DONT GET IT and shut up already. As said in many of these comments I'm sure that the people who are hyping this up are apple haters and android fans. They are doing this to make it an excuse to make fun at apple and to make them lose money. Wow.seriously so much jealousy going on here. I'm definitely 100% sure that I'm buying the iPhone 4…so these apple-hating reviews are just wasting their time..because no matter what Is published, iPhones will continue to be sold nd people will love them.period!

  • Andy

    I am holding out for the white iphone. I don't care if I have to wait until next year or the iPhone 5 release.

    I have the 3GS and am happy with it for the time being.

    I have no idea what is so magical about the white iPhone — but, I have to have it. I had the White 3G and 3GS — must continue the trend.

  • not an apple fan

    and on the other hand you ppl ars makin it seem like apple is the shit… which it isnt… all you people is really care about is gettin the latest tech and showing it off. youre puttin apple on the pedestal when there are much better things out there. however, bravo to apple's marketing team cuz they can make you all wait in line to give them your money and then find out that in a few months they come out wit a new product with a couple changes and you'd be waiting in line yet again to give them you're money.

    • jackofalltrades

      Yea, the same thing goes with a computer, a car, a tv …. So what the HELL is your point??????

  • Diego

    I've owned every iPhone from it's very first model. This is the most beautiful and most powerful iPhone ever. HOWEVER, the antenna issue is indeed an issue. And if you look it up, the software "fix" did NOT fix the antenna issue. This is a REAL issue and Apple needs to fix it.
    They are scheduled to hold a Press conference on Friday morning about this.

  • adams

    i will be getting the white iphone 4..i don't care about the little antanea problem or whatever they say it is most people are just hating cause they cant get the iphone 4…apple products are always the best of the bunch.

  • Dj Sin

    I have a 4 and I have issues only with the AT&T signal during wifi connect only if I hold it a certain way,that I do happen to hold that way a couple times and see the bars drop so I just rearrange my hold and it's fine.Tried to exchange for new 1 today,I waited all night for this one but it's really not that bad just want it fixed soon,I will be buyin the white one as this one is kinda just to hold me over till the 32 white(mines 16 black)

  • gxb

    Thanks but no thanks for your not-recommended label Consumer Report. I am hoping to get it the day it comes out and wishing that day arrives soon 🙂

  • Paulywalnuts23

    Umm well if you stand on your head and shove the phone up your, oh it will drop the call. HAHAHA

  • BDP

    I am waiting for the white iphone 4 as well! This will be my first iphone and I am soo excited! I have heard that you can pre-order them through best buy, but not 100% sure. I know if you talk to anyone at ATT they will tell you they do not know anything about the release, and you cannot pre-order through them.

  • Kyle

    Yeah I’ll be getting the white iPhone 4 when it comes out. Why would we wait any longer. The iPhone has been ahead of it’s generation since it came out. This last month seems to have been going slow since I had the option of buying the blalk one. No can do for me, I just can’t settle for that.

  • Tiffany

    i want the white iphone .. NOW

    Apple should just release it already

  • Jamall

    I am beyond upset with apple. All I want to do is SPEND my money on their products and they won't even let me. lol! What kind of BS is that. White iPhone needs to hurry up, seriously.

  • Oklahoma29

    I think Apple & AT&T are holding off on the sale of the white phone until after the 24th. I know this sounds wrong, but I think they are doing this so the people who order the black one on the 15th-24th will be out of the 30-day return policy.

  • Maria

    Yes, I will buy the white one. I am HOPING they solve this antenna issue ASAP.

  • Maya

    Seriously, iPhone doesn’t have an antennae issue. I did the “death grip” to every iPhone in the apple store and the signal didn’t drop at all. My dad has an iPhone 4 and he said he’s never had a dropped call, ever. Most of this criticism is coming from android fans. On YouTube, I’m watching a bunch of iPhone 4 videos and they make side comments like “you’re holding it wrong” “hold it in your left hand and watch the bars magically disappear” “we could hold our evo’s however we want.”they’re just mad because their phones didn’t get selled millions in 3 days. there’s no problem with the iPhone 4. It works just fine and I’ll be getting one when the white one comes out.

  • As soon as the White iPhone 4 pre-sale is out I’m buying regardless of some minor flaws. Like anything else it has a solution fix in the works…:)

  • movietiger

    I'm waitinfg on the White one also, hopefully they fix the issue it was having. I dont think there will be a second delay the issue had to do with the white phone turning yellow so hopefully that is fixed.

  • Aznxphox94

    im gett me an iphone 4! Have you ever noticed that android comes up a new phone every month?

  • nitsa

    im buying the white one can't wait!!!!

  • Jay112

    I bought the iPhone 4 at launch and it's great no problems it's all Apple haters or Verizon jealousy. I recommend it. Antenna problems where? I tried the Death Grip and phone works perfect.

    • jason

      funny, I have had three black iphone4 and they all have the antenna problems, trying to sell mine on ebay and buy another 3gs. wish i had never sold my old 3gs. just maybe your all apple fanboys?

      • GG

        I wouldnt consider myself an Apple fan. I dont own anything Apple except my I4. I havent had any problems with it at all. I even noticed that at the beginning it would heat up, but even that has stopped.

    • Esteban Trabajo

      Yeah buddy, Consumer Reports are total haters.

      Don't for a second examine your own beliefs and requirements, whenever you hear something you don't like just blame it on the stupidity and rabidness of others. I bet you lead a pretty blissful if ignorant existence.

      • Diego

        Ok, so how do you explain the issue I have with dropped calls all the time with my iPhone 4 and no issue whatsoever with my 3GS.. Hmm funny.
        You're wrong, and Apple has a Press conference scheduled for this Friday about this.

      • Billete Gortillos

        Shouldn’t your last name be “Trabajos”?

  • Ed Lover

    i freaking want my white iphone 4 as well. im tired of waiting. if apple doesnt handle this issues by the first of august im going to give in and just purchase the black one. CMON SON!

  • Nancy


  • Manny

    I think all the hype is just BS if u ask me! My brother has the black version of the iPhone 4 and he told me that he hasn't had any issues with signal problems. I live in San Antonio, Texas and I've never had issues with signal problems here. Usually, the only complaints come from the most populated cities such as New York and San Francisco. I still plan on getting my white iPhone 4!

  • Frank

    I’ve had my white iPhone 4 on pre-order and I am willing to wait for it. A tiny antenna issue doesn’t scare me. They are fixing it anyway. I’m so excited for its arrival!!!

    • caitlin

      how do you pre order the white iphone 4? everytime i try it says its not available for pre order…

    • Maria

      Frank, where did you pre-order your white iPhone from?

  • Barbara

    I am buying the White iPhone 4 as soon as they release it! I agree that the media is blowing this whole thing up crazy!! Everyone I know that has the iPhone 4 Black are totally happy with them.

  • Are you kidding? All this "bad" media is ridiculous. The iphone 4 is selling fine and to give apple a bad name is an uphill battle. I will still get the white phone. Because we are spoiled with a multi faceted quality apple alone offers… You can't scare ppl away because of an antenna issue. It would have to function poorly overall, fall apart, and have a bad os.

  • preston

    I plan on buying a white iPhone 4 the day they go for sale.

    • I hate those android fags ppl think ur being cocky when u tell them the iPhone is the best phone in the world when your really being critical. O yea and that evo bullshit is gonna b worst then any product apple has put out. I have iPhone 4 n my antenna works FINE