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iPhone 4: White version could be delayed further

Towards the end of last month we reported that Apple had delayed the release date of the white iPhone 4, and the fact that it will not be available until the second half of July. Within the next couple of days we would have entered the second part of July, and I would expect the delay to be extended.

Apple has a tough time ahead of them over the next few days, we all know the issue with the antenna on the iPhone 4, and there have been a number of calls for the Cupertino company to issue a recall – this could affect the impending release of the white version of the fourth-generation iPhone.

We have to wonder if Apple is working behind the scenes to solve the issue, they need to do something, as they have not shared any information with its customers. Maybe when the white iPhone 4 gets released it will have the needed update to solve the signal issue.

Will you buy the white iPhone when it gets released or will you wait to see what Apple has to say over analyst’s claims that a recall is needed?



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