iPhone 4 Study Flawed: Not scientific

By Peter Chubb - Jul 14, 2010

Since Consumer Reports said that they could not recommend purchasing the new iPhone 4, there have been a number of calls from owners and analyst that Apple should now recall the product. However, a top cell phone expert has said that the recent study was not “truly scientific”, so therefore is flawed.

Joe Aimonetti from Cnet News reports that Bob Egan, believes that all the blame should not be put on Apple – we have to start looking at AT&T as well. Although this statement seems flawed in itself, as those living outside the U.S. have also experienced loss of signal due to the antenna on the fourth-generation iPhone.

Bob Egan, an Analyst from TowerGroup reports that the Consumer Reports was not scientific, as they did the same tests at what we have all done at home – see our test. He did add that it is not certain that when you place your hand over the antenna that it is “detuning the antenna or detuning the receiver itself.”

He said based on that fact, this issue could still be solved with a software update. For now Apple has been keeping us waiting on what they will do – but they need to do it fast as this has already started to affect their shares.

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