iPad 2: 2010 Q4 release?

By Peter Chubb - Jul 14, 2010

The Apple iPad is far more popular than their rivals would have ever imaged, so much so that there are fresh rumors that the iPad 2 (second-generation) will see a release as early as 2010 Q4. The most recent rumor suggests that the Apple tablet device will come with two smaller screen size options, 5.6- and 7-inch both of which will have OLED displays.

PC World’s Sarah Jacobsson Purewal learned from Digitimes that this news comes from fresh orders placed with Taiwan-based component makers. The orders placed were for the fourth quarter of this year, and the Q1 of 2011.

Digitimes has not revealed who their source is, but if this is true, then it looks as though Apple will target the eBook market, as the iPad 2 would be cheaper than the current model. It is also thought that the 9.7-inch version will receive a few upgrades – we are unsure what they will be.

However, we cannot believe that the iPad 2 will be out as early as the rumor suggests, Apple has a lot on its plate at the moment with the current iPhone 4 problems.

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  • lokienloki


  • Max

    hopefully a webcam. that would be awesome !!

  • Pete

    I bought an iPad and now realise it is just another gadget lmao. I've just put loads of fun stuff on it like ibeer and talking Perry the penguin. What is a2G iPad really going to offer?

  • Jon

    BOINK is free in the AppStore.

    Bang iPhones together and get laid.

  • Hehe…LOL2. I hear u and I see u! Thank u soo much! Hehe…Christmas spirit in July…wow..