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iOS 4.1 Update: SDK available for download

We have just got word that iOS 4.1 update is now available to download for developers, it is not certain if this latest SDK will be able to solve the current reception issue with the iPhone 4. The update is for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch – the public release is due in the next couple of weeks.

Apple has not said what is included in this update, but many believe it to fix the current mix up with the amount of bars shown on the signal strength. However, it looks as though this will not fix the issue of dropped calls.

I do hope that iOS 4.1 will be able to solve another issue that has been forgotten about on the iPhone 4, and that is the sound quality from the person on the other end – often sounding like a robot. Those who have rung me say that I also sound like I am inside a tin can.

iPhone in Canada reports that the iOS 4.1 SDK is available to download now for developers, and that they will report what changes have been made once they learn more.

Apple need to act fast if they have any hope of saving face, read more on this in a recent post.



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