AT&T iPhone Outage in Tampa Florida: Main Cable Was Cut

Yesterday we heard that AT&T customers in Tampa, Florida and some other nearby locations were suffering a complete reception outage, we can now confirm that this had nothing to do with the iPhone 4 reception issues, in fact road workers are to blame.

Apparently a main AT&T cable was accidental cut during recent road construction work, this caused an outage for both iPhone and all other AT&T wireless devices in the surrounding areas.

The good news is that later on that day service was restored, and an AT&T representative revealed this statement “We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused customers”.

I must admit when I first heard of the outage I was quick to blame the iPhone 4 etc, it is kind of nice to hear that the issue was not the carrier or handset manufacturer fault.

Were you affected by the outage? If so, is everything back to normal now?

Source: WTSP


  • Kingsley

    Day Two: Tried everything all morning. 3G, Edge. No difference on the islands until last hour. Finally can surf and get mail. Phone calls have been intermittent at best…

  • Jenna

    My phone was not working as well and unfortunately if you called it from a LAN line it would say I was not excepting calls. I posted on facebook so none of my family would get worried and a friend told me to turn off 3G and put back to Edge and it worked 🙂 Now its back to normal.

  • Travisd

    I was affected. I headed strait to the ATT store with my iPhone 4. I was met at the door by another customer that had the same issue and stated they had an outage. It was funny because a bunch of people started pulling up right after me all with iPhone 4's in hand. About 9pm or so that night, it kicked back in for me. OOOOHH, I was so quick to blame the iPhone 4 too 🙂


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