Apple iPad: Better graphics than Xbox 360 by 2011?

We have an interesting article for you to check out now, especially if you own an Apple iPad. Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade has given a few reasons, why he thinks the Apple iPad might be able to churn out better graphics than the Xbox 360 in a years time.

As reported from VG247, Schade made his comments in a recent interview with Develop titled “Mobile becomes Console”. Better graphics than the 360 though – that is a bit of a long shot don’t you think?

Not according to Schade though. This is what he had to say on the matter: “I think you can expect some time next year to have rendering capabilities on mobile devices superior to the Xbox 360.”

I have to admit, I am having trouble imagining better graphics on the iPad than a home console. He is basically saying that the iPad will be able to churn out better 360 games such as Alan Wake for example.

We want your thoughts on this.



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