502 Server Error: YouTube Down

There have been reports that YouTube is down and that users have been receiving a 502 error. I just visited the video website and had no trouble getting on, but it seems that this problem has been intermittent all day. This error was first reported this morning when users tried to access the homepage.

According to Post Chronicle, it is not just the 502 error that has been affecting YouTube visitors, other issues have been blank screens instead of the video content of an embedded video. This is not the first time, earlier this year a similar problem occurred, but that time users were met with an ‘Http 1.1 Service Unavailable’ message.

The last error was blamed on system upgrades; we are not certain what YouTube will say this one was due to?

Users have been on Twitter to say that YouTube has been on and off all day, as I say I have now been on the site at least ten times – getting on each time.

Have you been able to get on YouTube or have you been met with a 502 error?



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