502 Server Error: YouTube Down

By Peter Chubb - Jul 14, 2010

There have been reports that YouTube is down and that users have been receiving a 502 error. I just visited the video website and had no trouble getting on, but it seems that this problem has been intermittent all day. This error was first reported this morning when users tried to access the homepage.

According to Post Chronicle, it is not just the 502 error that has been affecting YouTube visitors, other issues have been blank screens instead of the video content of an embedded video. This is not the first time, earlier this year a similar problem occurred, but that time users were met with an ‘Http 1.1 Service Unavailable’ message.

The last error was blamed on system upgrades; we are not certain what YouTube will say this one was due to?

Users have been on Twitter to say that YouTube has been on and off all day, as I say I have now been on the site at least ten times – getting on each time.

Have you been able to get on YouTube or have you been met with a 502 error?

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  • James

    my problem is when i look at a vid, and click a suggestion, 502 service error crap shows up, then when i click previous page, nothing happens. i click it twice, then it goes back to youtube homepage or something i looked at before i even WENT to youtube. now i feel like killing something.

  • jggyguyfyr7c7

    u tube is actn gay

  • i am dissapoint

    well….its happening again. Probably youtube overloaded (too many searches at the same time) That could knock out there servers for some time. I know how huge and capable the servers are, but everything has its limits…

  • abdirahman

    omg this is annoying youtube is so slow and its giveing me a 502 error am on my phone nokia 5530 xpress music. Please people fix this problem i wanna watch shanedawson and Makemebad35 and smosh 🙂

  • omar

    this error has started on me today but the strange thing is when i use my nokia n8 to use youtube thats when the server error occurs otherwise if i use the desktop everything runs fine

  • aphextwinaka

    every video i have tried to watch but one have 502 errored on me only one i have been able to watch so far is a vevo one (loads like crap)

  • DrKnowGood

    I can get on via iPAD over Data Network (m.youtube.com), but my laptops have not be able to connect to youtube.com, but can connect to m.youtube.com.

  • frank

    Yup..I have been un able to get da tube all day and evening, it's now 11 pm in florida….

  • Stuart

    when i try to upload my videos, it just says "An unkown error as occured"

  • Braeden

    My friend in hawaii said it was working fine.. it it was down in my area (Canada,Saskatchewan,Regina)

  • Simon

    Its working intermittently, most vids loading on the 3rd time of asking….

  • monica

    what do we do

  • I've been getting the 502 error roughly 95% of the time today. The good news is that if you're YouTubing for music, as long as a video loads, you can always hit the "back" button and relisten to the previous song.

  • None

    I just got a Google error:

    Google Error

    Server Error

    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
    Please try again in 30 seconds.

  • I have been able to get on but also have met the 502 server error. Plus the site has been really slow the last couple of hrs. Either they are updating the server or there is a problem with the current server that is being a problem that they trying to fix

  • andrew

    ummmmmm its working fine 4 me now

  • danny

    this is like th 15 time i had to log out and back on just to try to view videos and stuff im so mad i think i should just quit youtube

  • *****

    thnk god!! i thought my laptop had a problem or smthing!! right now this secnd im getting 502 errors! i was watching ideos on utube and then it kept on saying page is not found!!

  • samanth

    i have been etting this error the whole day…

  • Warshaft

    Yes, it seems to only cause an 502 error when I try to access certain videos. I notice the advertisements still play on some despite access, maybe a breach in the advertisement codes.

  • alex

    ive been getting it all morning… crap

  • not available

    yup, 502 error is making me CRAZY, FIX THIS SHIT

  • Italented

    yep tried 6 times from 17:00 to 18:30 (GMT) with the 502 error screen

  • cmsnet_Tech

    502 error since about 9am CDT. Very aggravating….guess I'll tune into slacker.com for my music at work today! 🙂

  • Brandon

    Just got this 502 error, after refreshing I got 500 Internal Server Error.

  • I've been getting the 502 also

  • lei

    i think youtube is ok now i dont get 502 anymore 😀

  • Alex

    I only get it when I click on related videos.
    The videos showed up when I deleted "=related" from the url.

  • rrrrr

    still getting it!!!!!!!!!!

  • yepp it's been affecting me all morning but sometimes I can get around it if you refresh a couple of times

  • been getting the error all…….. day……… LONG!!!
    but when it does get fixed…..
    check out our channel!! its called flamoosflog!!
    if u do go to it from here leave a comment and tell us!!!

    -flamoosflog productions

  • bobyfrog

    errr what will we do withut youtube!!!

  • sxmon

    502 error….

  • Hyper

    wtf is this 502 error ? when it ends ?

  • Sin

    yep getting it on and off today thank you for posting an response/ explanation 🙂

  • Ryan

    502 Error has gotten me every time I tried

  • Debra

    A few hours ago when I tried to send a bulletin to my subscribers, the "We are performing routine maintenance" message was on my channel page. I'm able to view some videos while others give me the 502 error.

  • Andrew

    I was on Youtube a few hours ago and had no problems. I didn’t spend a lot of time while on there, but it worked fine.

    I’ve seen the 502 error before, usually late at night. I try later when I get it too much. What’s going on today that there would be outages? Maintenance?

  • new

    Why today.. as I've found a new favourite song and checking it on Youtube.

  • Kelvin

    I have met 502 error a few moment ago. Give up Youtube today.

  • drew

    it seems that every time i get on a vid it shows that error and when i refresh it nothing happens

  • rob

    i got the error 502 to but for a fact i cant even get to see a video here's an idea right click on the video and hit open in new tab that works sometimes

  • Chris

    I'm getter the error every time I try to access a related video.

  • Jen-Jens

    yes!! its on all the official music videos!!!! 🙁

    • toastedtruth

      No, it's randomly on many videos. Most of them don't seem to work. I am lookig for a bypass.

  • Martin M

    it wont work on this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clGk50XFwiE the 501 error keeps coming up ! ive given up on youtube for today

  • Dee

    Yes, have had trouble with youtube on and off since early this morning.

  • eul

    I have the problem also now

  • Guest

    Yep, thnx for writting the article.. at least i know i'm not the only one.

  • booooo

    Like everyone else I can get on the sight fine too…. the problem is when you try to watch a VIDEO…. which is when the error comes up. grrrrr.

  • wXX

    getting it when i need it least… comes up regularly

  • King Phooey

    I got the 502 every time I tried getting on, except once, but I changed videos, and it came p again.

  • rachel

    same issue here

  • Kate

    yeah i can get onto the homepage but when i try to watch anything or do anything it comes up with this

  • DistractionCascade

    I'm getting it rather frequently when I browse the Pets and Animals category and when I want to look at a related video.


  • Liz

    Giving up on youtube today…

  • derek

    Been getting it every so often.

  • stace

    same as dan, getting onto site fine, but when clickin on a video getting the server error message, boooo!!!

  • dan keeler

    i can get on youtube when i click on a video it comes up with a error 🙁

  • Zac

    I keep getting it. I have to refresh like 3 to 5 times before getting the video i want

  • lewis

    Only when you try and watch videos

  • Matt

    Some videos load fine for me, others won't play and the rest display 502 error for me

  • Peter Chubby

    Been happening all morning up till now. Last night the connection was really slow. Boredom is setting in.

  • Jonathan

    You can get onto youtube just fine, but the issue occurs when you attempt to play content. I've been able to listen to a video once, and then upon the next playlist entry, I'll get the 502 error. Hope that helps.

  • BarbleSnops

    Yea I've been getting the error all morning. I'm giving up on youtube for today.

    • monica

      i know right

  • Chloe

    this is the fourth time the 502 error has decided to say hello D:

    • ergoproxy

      502 server error is happening right now 5.18.11

  • Daniel

    Seeing this issue right now. Every time the video changes to the next on my playlist. It's usually resolved by refreshing the page, but sometimes it takes a minute before it will come up again.