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Verizon iPhone: AT&T Exclusivity Drop is Good?

It is looking increasingly likely that a Verizon iPhone will make its appearance on the market sooner rather than later. While some of you may be thinking that this would be a major exclusivity blow to AT&T, we have a few reasons to suggest otherwise.

We have an interesting article for you to read now, and it comes from Within their article, they give us a few reasons why AT&T might actually benefit from losing it’s exclusivity deal with the iPhone 4.

One of the first reasons listed is all to do with contracts. They state that even if an Verizon iPhone was announced, many AT&T customers wouldn’t immediately switch contracts due to the high costs of termination.

They then talk about the rather important data issues which caused outrage recently. The article points out that iPhone owners on AT&T are data ‘hogs’ and that the carrier would only break even on figures, even if network upgrades were announced.

They add that if a Verizon iPhone was due to be released, they would also have to announce user-based data fees, which would in-turn, help AT&T’s competitiveness.

Read the full article in the link above and give us your thoughts on this.



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