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Symbian: Losing Out to Android and iOS

It is no secret that I am no fan of Symbian-based smartphones, therefore it is no surprise for me to hear that Symbian are rapidly losing their share in the mobile Operating System market.

A recent article posted on Gartner by Nick Jones suggests that Symbian’s rate of decline is growing, whilst Android and iOS are continuing to grow.

Jones does not post any official statistics, therefore we will have to take his word for it, however I trust his judgment, especially as it has been a long-while since a Symbian-based smartphone was a big player in the high-end market.

Personally I feel Nokia have really lost their way, it is obvious that a lot of HTC and Motorola’s recent success is due to them adopting Google Android, the question is will Nokia change their ways before it is too late?

Do you think that the Symbian mobile operating system has a strong future?

Source: Gartner



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