Sony A390 DSLR Camera: Release Info and Specs

By Jamie Pert - Jul 13, 2010

One month ago we revealed a new Sony DSLR which was soon to be released, this camera is the Sony A390, and is now readily available in Taiwan.

The A390 features a 14.2 megapixel CCD sensor, a 2.7-inch TFT-LCD swivelling screen, there are also two lens options available.

Currently the camera is available in Taiwan for the equivalent of $558 (US), for this price you get a 18-55mm zoom lens, however if you pay an extra $180 (roughly) you get the previously mentioned lens and a 55-200mm telephoto zoom lens. These prices fit in with the pricing details we revealed previously.

The dimensions of the camera are pretty average to be honest, it is 128.1mm wide, 97.1mm high and 83.5mm deep, also it weighs just 549 grams (taking into consideration the battery and memory card.

Currently it is unclear when the Sony A390 SLR will launch in other regions, therefore we will have to keep you posted, also prices mentioned above are estimations based on Taiwanese prices, therefore could be inaccurate.

Source: Digitimes

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