Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.2 FroYo Update Release

By Jamie Pert - Jul 13, 2010

Yesterday we revealed that HTC would not be releasing FroYo updates for their Android-based smartphones until Christmas, now we are hearing rumors surrounding the FroYo update for the Samsung Galaxy S aka the Facinate, Vibrant, Epic and Captivate.

Apparently we can expect the update to become available as of early August, which will no doubt sway some consumers decisions when choosing between a high-end HTC smartphone and the Galaxy S.

The Nexus One has already proved that the FroYo update seriously increases performance, therefore Android fans are keen to get the update asap, I can’t help but think that HTC could lose a lot of trade as consumers may be put off by having to wait until December 2010 for Froyo.

Anyway, enough about HTC, lets get back on to the Galaxy S. According to IntoMobile a Samsung official has apparently confirmed the early August launch of FroYo for the Galaxy S, this will fully support all the UI features like TouchWiz 3.0 etc.

For now we will have to treat this as a rumor, however if I can see this vastly boosting Galaxy S sales, for now though we will have to keep you posted when more details emerge.

Should HTC do their utmost to launch FroYo updates asap?

Source: IntoMobile

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