Salsa and Food poisoning: List of Ingredients at Risk

We have some worrying news for our readers now, especially if you take a particular liking to Mexican food. It has just been confirmed that both Guacamole and salsa have been linked to food poisoning in restaurants.

As reported from KTLA, a recent study has concluded that Guacamole and salsa are to blame for one in 25 cases of food poisoning in Mexican restaurants.

According to the source, the list of ingredients linked to both Salsa and Guacamole include raw hot peppers, tomatoes and cilantro – three key ingredients of both dishes.

One of the key factors in contributing to food poisoning, is that these dishes are uncooked, meaning that there is no heat to eliminate bad bacteria. Salsa and Guacamole are often made in huge batches, so even the slightest hint of contamination can affect a lot of customers dining at restaurants.

Have you eaten Salsa and Guacamole recently? Let us know your thoughts on this.



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