Nikola Tesla: Death Ray before EVs

By Peter Chubb - Jul 13, 2010

When Nikola Tesla was alive he did not get the respect that he deserved, now that he is dead he now has that respect as the father of modern alternating current (AC) devices. We all know that Tesla Motors got their name from the Serbian inventor, but would you believe that the idea of a death ray came before any mention of EVs?

Tesla was more than just the name behind Tesla Motors, he was the inventor of a number of devices that we take for granted in everyday use – all those that gets their power from AC. But who would have thought that after his death the FBI would become involved and take all of his papers?

It seems that Tesla was working on a number of theories that involved weapons – one of which was dubbed the “Death Ray”. The weapon has not been developed yet – well not to our knowledge. The idea of having a weapon that could project its energy on a target from thousands of miles away sounds a lot like the Star Wars program to me.

According to an article on Wikipedia, the military has been trying for years to develop a weapon based on Nikola Tesla’s ideas. We just hope that once the weapon has been perfected Tesla will still be known for all the good that has come from his inventions and not this one bad thing.

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