New Slim Xbox 360: Price Slashed by Tesco before Launch

By Jamie Pert - Jul 13, 2010

If you live in the UK and want the new smaller and slimmer Xbox 360 we have some good news for you, the retail giant Tesco has revealed that the console’s price will be cheaper than initially believed when it becomes available on July 16th.

The new slim model was going to set you back £200, however Tesco will be selling it for just £189, not only this but if you have a Tesco clubcard you will received double points, worth more than £12 (depending which bundle you choose).

If you are after a cheaper Xbox 360 you should perhaps wait a few weeks, experts predict that retailers such as Tesco will soon want to get rid of their old and bulky standard Xbox 360’s, so expect a price slash.

Personally I am going to sell my 120GB Elite and buy the new model, just because of the integrated wireless and quieter drive. Will you buy the new model?

Source: T3

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