New Ninja Video Site and Users Reasons For Streaming

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 13, 2010

At the start of July we reported some news on the latest move by the U.S. government to crack down on online movie pirates, which included nine websites being shut down for streaming video illegally.

Over the past two weeks we have noticed some interesting feedback from those that viewed this news. First we see that most users feel that there is no new Ninja video site, which can give them the free streaming they had before, and the second thing we noticed was the reasons people gave for choosing to stream.

Most people would buy their media if they could purchase a product that could give streaming to any computer they want to be using at that time. Apple iTunes has a big user base, and these people buy movies and music with costs running into thousands, but they are limited to only five computers.

It’s understandable that this is to prevent people using the media on other people’s computers, but at the same time it seems this is one of the biggest reasons users gave, after the site was shut down.

Do you agree with this? What are your reasons for streaming, and not buying?

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    Come See a site that is Just like NinjaVideo , except you dont have to screw with a stupid helper applet

  • jcount


    Icefilms seems less complex than Ninja-video it also have fewer movies tv-shows in my case. I could not find the good wife there this day. Maybe I just missed it. But with Ninja you always knew what was up. And Ninja were fairly good at posting tv shows from itv and british series Luther and some lesser known. Some of those could not be found at torrents or they were extremely hard to come by. It's always hard and unfair to compare something thats gone to something running. To do this you have to use parameters thats fair to the site that's gone if it has to make any sense.

    In terms of complexity I'm a linux user so yeah Ninjavideo was more complex On windows you had to struggle with codex and sometimes doing what seems to be the same thing on two different machines resulted in one machine working and the other having sound problems etc.

    I used Ninja-video for shows not being displayed in my country. But I did hope that by using Ninja companies such as Fox CW etc. would start charing a small amount from costumers out-side of the us and provide official services similar to Ninja.

    This has yet to happen and I don't see why people should be limited based solely on where they live to me that should be a thing of the past.

    That's my five cents – Not sure if this will even be read but i decided to give it a try…

  • mark

    Biggest thing for me was catching content I couldn't find/buy anywhere else. It's a shame they are gone, they will be missed.

  • freyfrey

    Although american shows are streamed again by the channels, they are not available outside the USA. The USA has much more money to spend on shows, and other countries are often at least a series behind if they show them at all. All i want to do is view shows in the UK that have already aired in USA, and would be availableand free for me to stream if I lived there. I think if its on the world wide web it should be available world wide!

  • Voice of Reason

    I used ninjavideo because I want high quality content on demand and at an affordable cost. Sure I would be willing to pay cash if I could download and permanently keep the movies and tv shows I purchased. But because the entertainment industry and at iTunes are super clingy, they stifle this kind of business model before even considering it. Because of that, people like me who would otherwise buy the product instead rip or steam high quality videos for free on non-pay sites. Face it, people now have an option: shell out $50 dollars for a blue ray they can't afford or download it either for free or at a much lower cost off of rapidshare, bit torrent, or some streaming site. The industry has to learn how to adapt to this or they will keep facing people like me who download terabytes of entertainment that they otherwise simply wouldn't buy in the first place if not given another option.

    My point is: there's money to be made if the movie industry started a for-pay site like ninjavideo and sold digital copies of movies at a much lower cost which users could keep and replicate for their own personal use (personal use only) in perpetuity. Because I guarantee you, absent that kind of option, they are going to do it anyway, where the only difference is you won't see a dime of their money Hollywood.

  • Scroots

    Christ, the cinema is retardly expensive no matter how you cut it.

    £8 a ticket is obscene. Cheapest cinema ticket I got was £4.50 with a student discount at off-peak times. Good thing I have an unlimited viewing card these day, but even then I still have to travel some way to get to use the thing. Add the invisible costs of fuel, then add drinks and crap on top of it. £5 for an Ice Cream? £2.50 for a bago of pop-corn which is effectively air anyway? Hmm I'm out at least £20 before I've sat down in the damn seat. Then take into account what day it is: Wednesday is packed with Orange Customers, Saturdays is packed with ass hole teenagers I usually end up throwing wet cola-bottles at cause they can't STFU for 10 minutes.

    Don't buy the food and drink you say? Then whats the point of going to the cinema then for the 'Cinema Experience' we are constantly told to enjoy in all the anti-piracy adverts. To be honest the whole 'cinema experience' angle is all they have at the moment especially now 3D TV are beginning to show up. But then no sane person can willing say they will happily fork out £20 a pop when you can stream the same film in the comfort of your own home like you could with Ninja Video. Oh and screw the VIP section; its a joke honestly and this kind of money grabbing features are what make me want to avoid cinemas anyway.

    Seriously, Ninja-video provided a useful service for millions of people and probably made a good cash-flow from the donation button. I hope it claws its way back in a year or two because as I understand it the servers were not seized. I just hope a good replacement comes along. USA has no idea how behind the UK is on TV shows. I managed to watch the entire 2 seasons of Lie to Me on Ninja Video whilst SKY 1 was still running all its advertising of the bloody pilot episode.

  • brew24

    I am an American living in Germany for 4 years now, You can probably imagine how much I miss the american shows (Smallville, Entourage, Hung, 2 1/2 Men etc.). I loved Ninja Video.
    @ Ferfrui – I went to see Toy Story 3D last weekend and it cost me 51 Euros, not dollars! 10 Euros per ticket and 20 Euros for crap to eat! So yes, you can go for about 8 pounds, but that's only if you go alone and when you already ate!
    Bring back NV!

  • Clyde

    What about the ability to watch tv shows that are not broadcast in your country. Ninja opened up the door for alot of UK tv.

    • Kay

      That's my problem. I live in Canada and do I not get access to a lot of American and British stations and/or shows. Adding to my problem that online sites like Hulu or the stations streaming of episodes are not accessible outside of the US. Take for example the new Covert Affairs show. It's only aired on the USA network. And my cable service doesn't even have that channel, so I couldn't add it to my line-up if I wanted to. Another show I'd like to watch is Prime Evil, but again I don't get access to BBC. Which is why I would turn to NV.

  • Come on over to Re1ease.Net ! We offer EVERYTHING that ninja offered!! Come check us out!

    MovieGuru – Re1ease.Net Admin

  • ferjfrui

    It annoys me that people think it costs $50 to go to the cinema.

    It costs me about £5-£8 at most.

    • Leob

      Ferjfrui – try taking a family of 5 to the movies…then come back and tell us what your more annoyed with.

    • rippedoff

      8 quid per person. at least. and that's a standard ticket. That doesnt take into account the new(ish) VIP section- at my local VUE that's the ENTIRE central reservation. That's a tenner. Which is what? 15 american?
      It can cost £20 to take my gf to the cinema. If you want popcorn and a drink? add another ten. easy.
      It annoys you that people are complaining? You annoy me

      • Trox

        I wish I was in the position to be able to say £5-£8 quid a pop, I live in a small village, my nearest cinema is 30 miles away, my van does 25 to the gallon at £1.24 a litre you do the math on that, then there is the fact that my wife and child would not appreciate it if I went on my own, so I would then be paying £5-£8 quid 3 times over, then there would be the inevitable food break as I do not believe in starving my family just to watch a movie. so now the maths lets be generous and say £12 fuel, another £2 parking fees, lets say £15 to watch the movie, then another £20 to have a meal and a drink afterwards, so a cheap night out at the movies would cost me £49 which is roughly $75 and you get annoyed that people sayb it costs them $50 to go see a movie. I believe you need your brain adjusted to the modern world my friend.

  • PhoenixFire

    lets go with tv. they have the tech to bring a service like NV (on demand) and such. i subscribe. i get all the shows they air. but what about the shows i missed or want to watch from episode one. sure theres reruns on many channels but there is no order to it. it would take years to get them all in the right order. nv had everything laid out, easy to find and access and ordered episodes. noone has time to be there when their shows are on and if you find a show mid season. you skrewed. i figure im paying cable, the shows are there. i should be able to watch them when i want. just cant figure how when they have the tech they dont employ it. also i feel no legal or moral qualmes about it

    p.s. there is no other site that had nv's professional and user friendly appeal.

  • Daniel

    Bring back Ninja , It was an absolutly outstanding site , I used it for 3 years and never once had a problem or virus ( Which I CAN'T say about apple istore tracking cookies and trojan add popups Etc ) Bahh Humbug people going to steam and send over the net if they get the chance and for me to watch my favourite shows is not against the law , This is Just another way the Yank's gota prove how tuff they are and force the world to tow there own way what ever they want to Gank you for a Dollar with , Do they realy think they stoped this Movie thing by takin out a coouple sites " Not " I can asure you The last Air bender was out and on the net with in the day of its release and a quict google will bring you too 1000's of site's alike , I just prefer Nija the people who ran that site wher up standing and bucked the trend of slippin Mal/spyware into the mix thats the only reason they where singled out they wanted to protect user's from that sort of crap !

  • jason

    The answer is multi level based on demographic and age.
    Youth = Free and even a sense of it being "pirate" and rebellion plays a part I am sure
    Young adult = money and convenient. lets say you have a young child and you love wolverine movies… you would need to schedule a day, get a sitter, drive to show, pay to watch. So baby sitter say 20-30 bucks, show after munchies say another 15 – 20 gas or bus say 5 so high end 50 bucks and a scheduling nightmare to see a movie. Or stream for free on opening day or before.

    I have always said if they would adapt an evolve hollywood would develop it's own special box and stream it's movies opening day for in home use at exactly the same price as in show per movie plus a monthly for the box. That would tap them directly into both matkets that are being lost currently. The people that can't afford said box will not matter in the grand scheme of things because you will never recoup/stop that lost business anyway. But what would you rather watch a cam, or HD on release date? It would not even effect the cinemas much because the mom and dad market don't do the 'show' because of hassle and child care. win-win. Shame outside of the box thinking seems to be foreign to these people.

    • Isabella Thornton

      I totally agree, our local cinema closed down because of lack of interest in a small town, too expensive for a family night out and young people weren't interested in going to an old damp cinema. I am in the 55 plus age group and have been downloading from NV for over a year, my main intrests being american TV series. Over here in the UK we are starved of quality TV. You are right Hollywood has to evolve.

  • Alej

    I stream because sey, free movies…

  • Thomas

    I understand there is costs involved in producing movies. However as a computer can cost a few hundred to a few thousand, thats a computer and its worth that much. Cellphones, on the other hand, cost just as much to purchase and there is NO WAY they are worth that much. My Point? its just like the video games. They start out at 70+ dollars. Why? Cuz they can and cuz they want to see just how much money they can possibly get. Its not about getting the actual value with making some off the top. ITs a cash grab, New movies these days go for 30+. Why? cuz they can. They more than make the actual cost back off those sales. They just wanna make HUGE money. And the actors? what do they ever contribute their wealth to. Nothing important. Thats why access movies free instead of puchase. ITs the same reason why ppl download music. IT cost too freakin much.

  • Who's Posting: This is SoberJoe a CURRENT mod at ninja and am now running the blog and twitter for Ninja Video. For more info check out the blog ( and twitter ( All current news is on the blog…. but in case you were wondering the forum IS coming back up. We are a community not just a site.

    Quickly to kill any rumors and to clarify: ICE which is a US government agency has SEIZED and (the domains), they did not just take down the host. The full "Operation" is here…

    Addressing those spreading the rumors: You have done just about everything from spreading rumors too even attacking the people that might face real federal time to get a few more hits on your sites. What are you really thinking? How can you be so heartless as too attack people who are afraid there door is going to get kicked in or even already has been? Just think to yourselves what you are doing….

    As to what has been written in this article: I wholeheartedly agree that NV did provide something that no other site could. And I am speaking only for myself but I think NV could have easily crossed over into a legal realm if the industry had let it. I think that was NV's endgame from the beginning. Who want's to be in a grey area of the law? Not only that but if anyone ever noticed there was a community behind NV. If I remember correctly there were over 20,000 users on the forums registered. I remember the cover of an music magazine (could have been rolling stone but not sure) talking about ICP (a music group) saying "Could 1 million people be wrong?" Well more than that have visited Ninja Video so doesn't this beg the question?

    For the writer: Where did you get your information on ninja users? If you would like to continue this conversation contact me at the email listed.

    *Sorry if this is a double post. My connection is a but spotty at times. Feel free to delete this one if it is doubled…

  • has MORE videos than ninja did but is slightly more complicated

    • jay

      its sucks you can only watch 72 minutes of video..that sucks

      • mypowerlevelover9000

        hey dude depending on your modem you can just reset it and it will give you a new IP address this will reset your viewing limit on megavideo you can do it as many times as you want

      • dddddd

        download the file then you can watch it all