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Motorola Droid X: Verizon Stock Update before Release

We have some good news for consumers who are looking to pick up a Motorola Droid X handset from Verizon in a few days, as it looks like Verizon will not be suffering from a stock shortage after release.

As reported from Phandroid, some Droid X inventory shots have been revealed courtesy of Droid-Life, which show that Verizon are already stocking up on Droid X units, in preparation for a barrage of sales both in-store and online come this Thursday.

Those of you living in the Portland, OR area will be pleased to know that the inventory shot confirms that stock will be available to you in your nearest Verizon store. Hopefully numbers remain healthy for the first few weeks after launch.

Are you planning to pick up a Droid X this week? Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • michelle

    my name is michelle i live in az an am very unsatisfied with verizon. they promised me my ohne by july 20th when i ordered it on the 17th . please do not say one thing an do another.
    very bad customer service

  • Curious

    does this apply to Best buy pre-orders aswell? or is this strictly Verizon stores?

    • John Q

      Just Verizon. I've checked with both, BestBuy are being assholes about the DroidX; playing coy about how many phones they have or will get and playing favorites with the pre-order list.

  • Ryan

    OK so here's my story, and PLEASE don't take this as griping. This is a big issue for me and I want to make sure I make a smart move here.

    I have had the iPhone 3GS and the 3G before that. I LOVE the iPhone 3GS – it does everything I need. I love how it incorporates my pictures from my Outlook contacts (I'm on Windows 7) and takes all my cover flow artwork from my mp3's. I love the simplicity of email. I love the availability of apps. I love the sleekness and the feel of it. Sure, there are DEFINITE drawbacks, such as AT&T, proprietary dictatorship by Apple, need I say more… Anyway, I bought the iPhone 4 and returned it. It, frankly, SUCKS. WAY too many issues, and not just the "death grip." It's really, REALLY terrible. Really. Terrible. REALLY. So I went back to a new 3GS that I just bought from AT&T upon returning the 4. But I'm still just chapped at Jobs' attitude and arrogance (the whole "non-issue" business, iron fist control, etc.) and want to really just ditch AT&T and Apple altogether. I'd like to move to Verizon and I love nearly everything about this phone…except Android, because I'm not really quite sure about it yet. The reason I say that is because I just last Friday dumped my 3GS and switched to Sprint for the HTC Evo. While I liked the Evo's feel and what not, it definitely has battery issues, connectivity issues, and 4G is NO-where yet. But I was concerned about some other things:

    1) Outlook contact pictures didn't sync right to my phone
    2) Didn't like have to manually manipulate what "mode" you want the USB connectivity to function as – whether to transfer files, sync, or simply charge, etc.. I feel this should do this automatically.
    3) Album artwork didn't come over for everything
    4) Push notification was not instant…required a fetch schedule of 15 minutes

    So, in short, I returned that too, and went back to the 3GS that I still have. Call me fickle. I just want what works for me. But after heavily reviewing the Droid X all across the web, I am truly jazzed about it. I want to say "screw Apple and Steve Jobs" and move on. Totally willing to pay the ETF with AT&T for this. If it means a switch to a more stable phone on a more stable network and not made by an UN-stable man, then triple-yay. I run a business and really appreciate push notification sending emails to my iPhone. I appreciate being able to pull up my contacts and see their pictures. I appreciate being able to see all the artwork from my iTunes and have the coverflow work correctly. It's not all about aesthetics, believe me. I just want things to work as fluidly as they do for me on my iPhone 3GS. This is a bigger migration than I thought it would be: iOS4 (which is NOT better than the old iPhone operating systems, by the way) to Android. I appreciate the vast strides Google is making to surpass this behemoth of a bad apple, and to eradicate Jobs' mental monopoly over his Applemmings and sheep. Google has helped me, in more ways than Apple has, to become more productive with my business; I support Google. I support FREE enterprise. 🙂

    So…can anyone enlighten me on the following:

    1) Have you had problems syncing contact pictures to your Android device?
    2) Have you had problems with your album artwork syncing?
    3) Do you know if Android 2.2 Froyo has plans to make the USB connectivity a more universal functionality?
    4) Does anyone know if there is an iTunes-for-Android besides DoubleTwist or Songbird that will actually take all of my iTunes DRM files (including movies) and sync them flawlessly to my Droid X?
    5) Anyone know if Verizon will be able to support simultaneous 3G surf and talk soon? I can do this now on AT&T and while some may discredit it, it has come in handy on more than a few occasions.
    6) Is Froyo supposed to make the phone go even faster?
    7) Will the phone eventually support 4G, does anyone know? Or does it not have a radio or whatever in it for that?
    8) Does the phone do push notification of emails, or it only a 15-minute "fetch" type of download? There is a definite difference between instant push and scheduled fetch…and this is crucial for my business.

    Sorry for the long-winded post and the laundry list of questions. As this will be my first Droid, I'm VERY excited and I LOVE what I see. I might just name it C3PO, but I don't want it always complaining that it needs an oil bath. 🙂

    A trembling canyon jumper,

    • Bob

      With the Evo

      1) No issues
      2) No ussues using easy phone tunes
      3) What your asking for is actually removing functionality, if you want the phone to automatically mount as a drive every time you connect it then you just have to configure it. Giving the option allows for simple charging functions where the user does not have to eject the drive to remove the device.
      4)Ive used easy tunes as stated above, but some movies do require converting formats. Handbrake is a good tool. (not perfect, but works) Havent noticed any DRM issues with music, but have not tried DRM protected movies. This is not nearly as "seamless" as iTunes to an apple device, but of course apple wont make it easy for that.
      5) No idea
      6) Yes
      7) If it doesnt advertise as reasy for it, dont count on it
      8) Should be able to do manual or fetch every 5 min.

      • Ryan

        Dude, seriously…thank you SO much for your replies…this is great.

  • Michael

    Good to hear, ill be in my local store Thursday to get mine.

    • Dan

      I checked with my local store yesterday and they say there will not be any shortages in the first week. They have plenty of them.

  • I really hope that they do have enough Droids. I can not wait for this phone to come out, it looks amazing. If I get stuck having to wait 3 weeks for a Droid X like iphone 4 customer's are being forced to do I am not going to be happy.

    • Alex

      I second this and can I take you with my Droid x Beth? 🙂 lol.


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