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iPhone 4 Recall: Expected

Toyota has had some real problems with its reputation, and now it looks like Apple could be going the same way. Microsoft has been the big daddy in tech company worth, but this year it was reported that Apple overtook them, and this is expected considering how popular Apple products are becoming.

What will an iPhone 4 recall do to Apple’s reputation? This may not be the main question, and instead its Apple’s honestly that the consumer wants, and looking at the reaction to Apple’s shares today, it seems the market wants to see confidence from Apple as well.

The consumer wonders what Apple will do, and amazingly some people will still buy the iPhone during the current problems, they might be confident in Apple, or maybe they are not aware of the issue.

According to, PR experts expect a recall of the iPhone 4, and say that it is “Inevitable”. This is expected to cost Apple one-way or another, but those that “apparently” know say that it’s more about the brands image, than cost.

Apple has built an amazing brand, its products continue to be benchmarks for many products that follow, but is this the time for Apple’s competitors to strike?

Read the full story on Cult of Mac, and let us know if you agree with the opinion of these “experts”.


  • hjg

    New phone that is already outdated. HTC is the way to go.

  • Randy Reyes

    I have 2 new iphone 4 phones and have not had any problems what so ever. It seems that all the people that tell of the so called problems…in fact do not have the iphone 4, but are blog readers and or talking like experts whille not actually owning the phone.

    Regardless, the iphone 4 is still on back order in the USA and there are millions of people that are trying to get their hands on one since they missed the first pre-order and all recent launch events.

    -Randy Reyes
    Malibu, CA


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