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iPhone 4 Recall: Apple’s arrogance and dismissal

Things do not seem to be going too well for Apple with their new iPhone 4 device; not only do they have an issue with the antenna on the latest smartphone, but now the device has been snubbed by Consumer Reports. Most of us who own a new iPhone 4 all agree that Apple should now issue a recall.

Once Apple learned of the signal issue they said that an update to iOS 4 would solve the problem; they have since retracted that and said that a software update would not be able to fix the problem. So what else can we expect from Apple – it’s as if they are burying their heads in the sand.

I think Molly Wood from Cnet News puts it best when she states “Apple has responded with arrogance and dismissal,” when it comes to its flawed iPhone 4. Those who live in areas with a strong signal are not too worried about this issue, but I live in an area where I often only show two bars, so I have had to use a Bumper.

This is annoying for two reasons, the fact that my new fourth-generation iPhone has lost its looks and that I had to spend more money just to make my smartphone work.

Surly now Apple will have to consider issuing a recall; you cannot expect owners to buy the iPhone and then a Bumper in order for it to work. We wonder if the FCC will get involved soon?



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